Goals for 2018

So last year I had ideas for my goals for 2017, but they were all in my head. There was nothing concrete, nothing written down to hold me accountable. There was no dopamine released to keep me going. Knowing myself better as a person now I realized that I needed to break down my big goals into smaller “checkpoint goals.” I need that list of things to cross off. So here are my goals to help better myself in 2018!

Publish another written work 

A. Ideas and storyboard done by March 1st, 2018.

B. First draft by July 2018.

C.  Second draft by August 2018.

D. Editing completed by October 2018.

E. Promote new book for 1-2 months.

F. Release book!

Compete in my first weightlifting competition

A. Commit to this! Register as a USA weightlifter.

B. Buy a weightlifting belt.

C. Buy a singlet.

D. Test your numbers the 1st week in March. Then test them again every couple months. Break your personal records!

Eat healthier: This goal I really need to stick to, and make it a lifestyle change. I’d say about 90% of time I eat healthy. However, I go on sprees of eating junkfood because I deprive myself then binge. Not good. I need a schedule. With the way my brain works, I need everything on paper to hold myself accountable.

A. Limit yourself to buying one cheat snack at the grocery store per week.

B. Stop buying junkfood. Only buy a singular cheat snack or meal. No more than 1 cheat day a week.

C. Plan out your meals.

D. Portion size your snacks.

E. No eating after 8 p.m.

F. Drink 8 oz of water before every meal.

Read more

A. Read at least 20 minutes every day.

B. Read at least one book per week.

C. Read for 10 minutes when you first wake up, and before you go to bed.

D. Read instead of scrolling on social media.

Blog more regularly

A. Blog at least once a week.

B. Read other peoples blog posts (at least 1 per day) and support the blogging community!)

Pass my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Exam (CSCS) 

A. Buy the exam. Now you have three months to schedule!

B. Schedule your exam!

C. Study little by little. 10 minutes a day of review. Do the daily question on the CSCS website!


TV and Movie Picks for the Introvert

As an introvert I love watching movies that accurately depicts other introverts or the socially awkward. It just reinforces the idea that I’m not alone. And often they are feel good TV shows and movies that life the spirits and have the attitude of “you can do anything if you set your mind to it!”

1. Sherlock

Related image


I’ve always been impressed with Sherlock’s ability to deduce. I was a little jealous and even tried my hand at it once in a while to varying levels of success. Introverts are smart, but sometimes we can come off as rude because we decline invitations to social gatherings because we are recharging. And like Sherlock, somethings may be obvious to an introvert, but not as plain to an extrovert. Be kind in pointing things out, and not super rude like Sherlock!

   2. Gilmore Girls

Image result for Rory reading gilmore girls

Rory Gilmore accurately represents all bookworms. Most introverts enjoy this series because she is such a relatable character! Rory is kind, likes to spend time reading, and is very thoughtful.

3. The Big Bang Theory 

Image result for big bang theory introvert

This crew of guys are used to being the smartest people in the room however, they all have difficulty talking to the opposite sex, and let’s be honest we would be kidding ourselves if that isn’t relatable. Even though introverts are intelligent because they spend so much time thinking, reading, learning, and observing we do sometimes struggle with common sense or life experiences involving being social.

4. Hannibal     

Image result for will graham introvert

YES. Will Graham: so smart, so empathetic, but so far inside his own head he is painfully uncomfortable communicating with other people. He represents us introverts in the fact that he prefers the company of dogs to people (he has like 10 doggos!), and he is so socially awkward. We can see ourselves in him, except for the fact that he  profiles murderers and stuff.

5. Star Trek: The Original Series

Image result for spock introvert

Maybe it was because he was a Vulcan or maybe it was because Spock was half human and the human half was definitely an introvert. But even though he is awkward he doesn’t really care, and that is something I think we can all learn from him. We have strengths, but in the social world sometimes we fall short of ours and other people’s expectations. It’s okay to take time for yourself and recharge (Spock meditates!). It’s what we do. When we step outside of our comfort zone we need to just be ourselves, and we will learn along the way!


    1. Carrie Pilby

Image result for carrie pilby 17 books

Carrie Pilby is the type of reader I aspire to be. This girl can read 17 books in a week, but she does little else. She is a hermit and is definitely not experienced in life. Despite her extreme anti-social tendencies she is still relatable in some ways and is a very lovable character. Introverts will love her because I do! It’s also based on a book, so you will love it even more!

 2. What About Bob

Image result for what about bob funny scenes

Bob Wiley is more like an “I’m afraid of everything,” person, but just the way he interacts with society is just hysterical! He is terrified of germs, elevators, strange buildings, loud noises, and people just to name a few. The whole movie is about him trying to face his fears and it makes for some pretty funny stuff. He is an introvert for sure, but the whole “facing your fears” is a theme that runs deep. This movie shows how ridiculous it is to be afraid of everything. Definitely a must watch!

3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Related image

Charlie is everything an introvert is. He is a wallflower…some of the time. He has a small group of close friends, he needs time to himself, he learns by watching, and he is very self aware. This character was one of the first that I truly related to. He was shy, smart, needed a small and close knit friend group, but also kept to himself . Watching Charlie navigate through high school and life was like looking in a mirror.

4. 10 Things I Hate About You

Image result for 10 things i hate about you introvert

Kat is the aggressive introvert. She hates people. She shows how past experiences can shape us positively or negatively. Kat is smart, witty, and sharp tongued. While most introverts are quiet, polite, and mind their own business…Kat will tell people straight up when they are wrong, and will do so rather rudely. She is a different type of introvert. She likes to be alone, but is not afraid to stand up for herself.

 5. Harry Potter Series

Image result for hermione books

Two words: Hermione Granger. Hermione is proof that introverts can be brave! She is smart, annoying, yet lovable. She embodies what most introverts are: a little withdrawn, smart, and yet sociable. Harry Potter made it awesome to be book smart  because it may just one day save your life!

I’m a Published Author: Round Two 

Calling all softball players!

Okay so…I did a thing! I published my second book, Seven Innings! This one was about my experiences as a softball player throughout my whole life. Softball took up a huge chunk of my time: 17 years to be exact. Once my college career was finished I didn’t cope very well going from athlete to straight up NARP overnight. So writing this book came in handy. I was able to reflect on all my experiences once they were on paper. It hurt less to talk about softball when I was no longer playing it. I looked at each chapter fondly. After writing the book, my softball career truly felt over, and I was content instead of distraught. I am sorry I didn’t get to give this book the launch it deserves, but I’m so glad it’s published! It was sort of a spur of the moment decision to publish it early. It was released on December 21st, 2017 AKA my birthday! It was the best present ever!  

Check out the blurb below!

“Seven Innings is a refreshing look at the sport of softball told by Emily DeAngelis. Emily is not an Olympian or a champion, but an average retired college softball player who loved the sport so much she wrote a book about it. Her insightful writing expresses what it is to be a softball player, but also a regular, relatable person. This book is filled with experiences, tips, and laughs for softball players of all ages. Seven Innings covers various performance enhancing tactics of softball, what to expect in your career, and how to cope when it’s over. Emily’s goofy and honest writing style will keep you hooked until the end.”

I ask for the help of the softball family to spread the word to teammates, coaches, friends, and anyone who may be interested to start building some hype for my book.

Thanks everyone! I’m super excited to share my book with the world!

You can get your copy of Seven Innings by clicking on the link below! It is available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle! Enjoy! 

I’m an Adult…Now What?

This past December I graduated with my master’s degree and started working full time. I also published my second book and turned 23. These milestones were exciting and I’m so proud of my accomplishments in 2017, but once the dust settled I realized that I am adult now. I’m no longer a student. To be honest it feels weird.

Even though I’ve been moved out of my parents house for two years and have been cooking all my own meals and doing taxes I still don’t feel like an adult. I feel like I should be drinking black coffee or at least remove Cheetos from my grocery list to even be in the running for adulthood.

But even if I don’t feel like an adult…I still am one. I have a full time job, and I don’t live with my parents. So I’m an adult. I survived my youth and the uncertainty that comes after college when you are moving out, meeting new people, and starting your career. You don’t know where you will end up after college and that’s scary. But I made it. Now what? What comes next? Can someone fill me in?

Am I supposed to invest money? Save money? What happens when my student loans hit? And don’t even get me started on dating…

But here are some things that I noticed that changed when I became an adult:

  1.  You start to pay off your student loans. Your booze fund has now been stolen by direct loan plus! You feel poor even though you have a full time job. You actually have to budget your money between your loans, rent, groceries, gas, and “other”. What’s left over for entertainment is very scarce. Instead of a night at the bar, or a weekend trip, you might be able to put a down payment down on a pizza.
  2. You get excited shopping for home decor. This shift in personality was weird for me, because going to IKEA was a drag. Then all of a sudden my eyes twinkled looking at new bookshelves or wall art. I found myself thinking “that would look nice in the bathroom” or “I love that color scheme! That’s how I was my living room to look!” may more often then I would care to admit.
  3. You actually get excited about cooking and trying new recipes. Whether it’s something as simple as grilled cheese or a complicated shrimp pasta dish you feel like Julia Child in the kitchen. You want an audience while you cook and you start fantasizing about throwing dinner parties for friends. You used to hate cooking in college, but now you have a full kitchen and actual ingredients. Cooking may even become a hobby.
  4. Cancelling plans is like heroin. This was a huge shift. In college if you weren’t going out or didn’t have plans you were bored or maybe even a  little pissed. Friends flaking on plans was super annoying. Now you welcome time with your friends, but sometimes the stress of work can become overwhelming. Sometimes you just need to cancel plans and stay in and be a hermit for a night. As an adult  you have to put yourself first once in a while.
  5. Your friend group is smaller. I noticed this after I moved away to finish grad school. Nothing changed with my ride or dies from back home, but all the friends I thought I still had from college ghosted. This does however go both ways. I’m sure I lost touch with a few friends too. But I felt lonely at first. But I would rather have a small genuine friend group then a large friend group that I can’t really connect with. I’m only 23. I’m sure I’ll lose a few more when they get married.
  6. Your idea of fun changes. Instead of drinking yourself into oblivion like you did in college you start to pick up some healthier hobbies. You take interest in books, art,  recreational sports leagues, trying new restaurants, and wine tasting. You almost surprise yourself with your new refined adult interests.
  7.  Bedtime is a few hours earlier. Instead of getting breaks in between classes or an afternoon nap you wake up early, work all day, then come home exhausted. By the time you eat dinner it probably 7:30 or 8 p.m. at night. Maybe you watch a little TV, but overall you are in bed by 10:30. And you aren’t dragged kicking and screaming, you crawl in willingly and pass out within minutes, because your 5 or 6 a.m. alarm time is creeping closer and without your beauty sleep you will be a sleep deprived, cranky, swamp monster at work tomorrow.
  8. Self reflection. You think a lot about things. You know yourself a lot better now. This is going to be super helpful in life in choosing friends, a partner, and a healthy work environment. You have a better idea of what your expectations are of yourself and other people. You also know how to take care of yourself such as: when you need to socialize, or when you need to step back and take time for yourself.
  9. Glorification of the past. Things got harder as an adult. You have more responsibilities, a different lifestyle, and new friends. Now that you are an adult you may start thinking back to a simpler time when you were younger. Things always seemed easier when you were in school: you were skinnier, had more fun, more free time. No. Yes things have changed, but you are transitioning from teenager to adult. Things are different. Not bad. Give yourself time to adjust and try adapting a positive outlook.
  10. You are a problem solver! Let’s be honest, for the first tentative years of your adulthood you came running to mom and dad for their wisdom more often than you would care to admit. “How do I boil an egg? When do I get my tires changed on my car? How do I fill out a W2?” But now you have more knowledge, experience, and problem solving skills. Okay…google is a huge part of it, but in the face of a problem you are less afraid. And remember, it’s okay to ask mom and dad once in a while for help. Swallow your pride.

What I Got for Christmas and My Birthday 2017

Since my birthday is on Dec 21st I figured I would combine it with Christmas in this post! My parents always separate the occasions so I never get screwed. They must really love me because they take the time to wrap my birthday presents in birthday paper and my Christmas presents in Christmas paper!

This year I turned 23 which means all the fun milestones of my young life are over, except when I get to turn 25 and am able to rent a car if need be. But the fact of the matter is nobody cares about your birthday after you turn 21. The excitement of your birthday is getting a surprise cake at work, and maybe going out for dinner! I did…we binged on sushi. It was fantastic. I didn’t even care how bloated I was afterwards.

But this year I had a wonderful low key birthday and Christmas and I actually preferred it to the craziness and tension that accompanies most holidays. So without further ado, this is what I got for my birthday and Christmas this year!


  1. Kindle Fire HD 10

Image result for kindle fire hd 10

2. Kindle Fire 10 Case

Image result for kindle fire hd 10 case starry night

Even though I picked out the kindle and case I was still thrilled with how striking everything was! The colors are fantastic and the case is so unique that I never mix it up with my coworker’s tablets.

3. A couple pandora charms for my bracelet!

4. Weightlifting Shoes

So I actually bought myself this gift, but it was a great purchase! I finally feel more stable in my lifts and have put on about 20 lbs in my deadlift and 15 pounds in my squat in just one week!


1. CANDY…obviously

2. Bath and Body Works Lotion and Body Spray: I am particularly fond of the white tea a ginger fragrance my mother picked out for me. It smells so fresh and sophisticated/ I highly recommend it!

3. Tea

4. Essential Oils

5. Keychain Flashlight

6. This mug

My friends know me so well!

7. A scratch off map poster

Image result for a scratch off map poster

I’m really looking forward to using this! I have a trip planned with my best friend to Scotland this summer!

8. This super cute bookish dry erase board for my desk at work!

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

9. Giftcards

10. A Book

Image result for the lying game book

To be honest I thought I would have gotten more books this year considering my very apparent nerdy personality, but I’m actually glad I didn’t because my TBR list is wicked long to begin with.

10. A goodie box from my brother’s fiance asking me to be her bridesmaid! This was super exciting! I have already starting looking at the website to pick a bridesmaid dress!

Overall, every Christmas and birthday I never know what I want, probably because I don’t really need anything and once you get older it feels better to purchase things with your own money. You feel like you’ve earned it. But my family and friends always surprise me with getting me things that I need! I love it! My parent’s knew that my old kindle fire 7 was busted so they helped me pick out a new one. I was out of hand lotion and for Christmas I got tons of them! The holidays are becoming more about relaxation, family time, and good food, and less about the presents. But the presents are always thoughtful and needed by the recipient. This Christmas and birthday was awesome and I want to thank my family and friends for making it special!



I Am a Published Author!


Hi everyone! Last week I did something huge for myself! I finally published my short story, Written in Blood! (short blurb below!)

Written in Blood is the 12,000 word standalone novelette, by new author, Emily DeAngelis.

The only place to legally kill someone is on paper as an author. But that wasn’t enough for Ralph Daniels, author of The Sin City Slayer. Follow the story of editors, Eileen and Remy, who accidentally publish a killer’s book, and try to keep things quiet and handle it themselves. Will they make it out alive or will they become another casualty of The Sin City Slayer?

It released on Amazon kindle for a price of $2.99 on July 6th. I wasn’t expecting it to sell many copies, but was pleasantly surprised when it sold over a hundred copies within the first 3 days of its release! I am so grateful to be able to share my writing with the world! I want to thank everyone who supported me through this process. It meant so much to me to be welcomed and well received as a new author! Everyone’s kind words were much appreciated! If you are interested in purchasing the book, you can click on the link below! Happy reading!

Why 30 Seconds to Mars was the best band of my teenage years


Everyone is all caught up in the Chainsmokers, but I’m getting back into 30STM music. Maybe its the fact that Suicide Squad rocked my world and I was reminded of how awesome Jared Leto is. I mean have you seen Requiem for a Dream or Mr. Nobody? Go watch them. He rocks. Anyway, anyone who was born in the mid nineties knows that we all loved bands like 30STM, Blink 182, The Killers, Linkin Park, and Apocalyptica. We all went through that phase of thick dark eyeliner, all black clothing, and converse shoes coupled with raging hormones. Remember when skinny jeans and eyeliner on boys was in? Me too. Jared Leto made it hot, and he still rocks it. Bottom line, I started listening to 30STM music again, and I was reminded of how awesome it is. I used to hate music where there was lots of yelling, I would immediately change the radio station. Now I bounce in my seat when I hear it come on. The Kill came on the stereo at work today and I had to tell myself that I was in a public place and needed to hold it together. A stupid toothy grin still spread across my face.

This music is so deep, and I never realized it until now, my angsty teenage self just wanted to hear some screaming music and idolize the angel face that is Jared Leto. Like here is a line from The Kill:

“What if I fell to the floor?
Couldn’t take all this anymore”

That’s deep man…like deep dish pizza deep. Imply what you want from that line.

It’s hard not to like this band. I mean what’s not to like? They are cute, funny, make good music, love their fans, and guess what else?  They care deeply about the environment, particularly Jared Leto. His song, A Beautiul Lie, was about how humans hurt the environment, and how we can minimize our impact. He is also a vegan, and has been for 20 years! It’s not for everyone, but good for you Jared! I’ll support you from over here while I eat filet mignon. Sorry!

Anyway, I never got to go to a concert, but I wasn’t that into concerts when I was younger anyway. Well that, and my parents totally wouldn’t let me go in fear of me getting squashed in a mosh pit, so I didn’t bother asking. But I’m now twenty-two years old and I still haven’t been to a single concert. Just not my scene. I can honestly say that I want this band to go back on tour so that they could be my first concert. Either them or ACDC. I have high expectations.

Without further ado, here are my ten favorite songs by 30STM that I have had on repeat for at least a week.

  1. The Kill
  2. Closer to the Edge 
  3. Kings and Queens
  4. Up In the Air  
  5. This is War
  6. Hurricane 
  7. A Beautiful Lie
  8. From Yesterday 
  9. Bad Romance (yeah its a cover, but it’s godly)
  10. City of Angels 

Comment below with your favorite 30STM song, or other bands you recommend for those days you are feeling the black eyeliner and skinny jeans look.