Emily’s Choice: Top Ten Anticipated Movies of Fall 2014

Here are the ten movies I personally am most looking forward to! They are in no particular order! Enjoy!

1. What If- Starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan

Finally! Daniel Radcliffe gets out of his Harry Potter shadow and into the throws of love! He is still cheek pinching adorable and now all the teenage girls get just what they wanted: another “boy likes girl, but girl is taken” story. Except this time we replace Dean Thomas with Chantry’s boy toy, Ben.

Release Date: 8/8/14

2. When the Game Stands Tall- starring Jim Caviezel


The feel good, triumphant, sport movie of the year! The story of the De-Lasalle football team losing their winning streak, and everything along with it it seems, then winning it all back! The movie has the best of both worlds: a triumphant story and the action of sports. Not to mention, cute football players like Alexander Ludwig AKA Cato from the Hunger Games, and a stunning coach played by Jim Caviezel. All based on a true story! What more could you want?

Release Date:9/22/14

3. If I Stay- starring Chloe Grace Moretz

Based on the best selling novel, 17 year old Mia has got it made! She has a loving family, a supportive boyfriend, and she is a cello prodigy with aspirations to apply to Julliard. Then the car accident wiped her slate clean. Her mother, father, and little brother were killed. Now Mia is an orphan, and not only that, she is in a coma. She has to make the choice of whether to wake up an orphan and make something of her life on her own, or to just give up now and join her family in heaven. I read the novel and am anxiously awaiting the release of this movie! Chloe Grace Moretz never fails to amaze!

Release Date: 9/22/14

4. Hector and the Search for Happiness- starring Simon Pegg and Rosamund Pike

Another book to movie I am chomping at the bit for. However I shamefully must admit I have not yet read the book. But a psychiatrist decides to leave his life behind and travel the world in search of the source of true happiness. I am excited to see Simon Pegg in a more serious role after he has just completed the goofy and crafty Cornetto Films. So maybe in this movie, Hector will  discover that happiness doesn’t come from the shop. (Please tell me you got that reference?)

Release Date: 9/19/14

5. Dark Places- starring Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult

Okay there is no easy way to break the bad news on this film synopsis so here we go: young Libby Day’s family is brutally murdered by she claims her brother Ben. But did she see him do it? She was only seven, but the cops took her testimony anyway and Ben Day was incarcerated…wrongly? Maybe. The group of amateur crime solvers called the Kill Club have enlisted Libby to aid in trying to find the true killer. Lots of unanswered questions waiting for explanations. Dark Places stars Charlize as the hard-shelled and spunky Libby Day and the charming Nicholas Hoult as the quirky crime solver leader, Lyle. Read the best selling novel by Gillian Flynn also the author of Gone Girl, before it’s release!

Release Date: 9/1/14

6. Gone Girl-Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck

Amy Dunne is kidnapped on the morning of her and her husband, Nick’s, anniversary and something just isn’t right. Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne leaves me skeptical, but as for Amy Dunne…well who doesn’t love a female powerhouse character? Rosamund Pike as Amy Dunne could not have been a better casting choice. *HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD* *CAUTION* Her cunning behaviors and sharp looks compliment her acting, we all know what she was capable of in Die Another Day. Is she able to pull off a back-stab 20 times larger than the one she did to James Bond? *Spoiler alert* Yes she is. Find out just how far Amy and her sociopath tendencies will go to exact revenge on her husband. Sorry for spoilers! Read the book people! Trailers tell you  nothing!

Release Date: 10/3/14 (On October 3rd he asked me what day it was…ITS OCTOBER THIRD…SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS)

7. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies-starring Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, and Ian McKellen, oh and about 11 other dwarfs I can’t remember

YAY Martin Freeman is back as the lovable, furry-footed in the third installment of the Hobbit! One book gets three movies and I could not be happier. The movies drag on a bit and the trailer for this one leaves my skeptical about how exciting it will be, but I’m a LOTR fan till the bitter end! There seems to be quite a bit of negative aura surrounding it like it may be a let down. I PRAY THAT IT IS NOT. Don’t let me down Peter Jackson! Bonus points for Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug and the necromancer! No movie can tank if Benedict AND Martin are in it. There’s just no way! Besides we can all rest easy knowing that the Silmarillion is always looming in the air waiting to become a movie.

Release Date: 12/17/14

8. The Maze Runner- starring Dylan O’Brien


No need to say the film adaptation of the best selling book has finally come because every movie so far has been a book first. Dylan O’Brien is prepared to stun audiences as Thomas, a boy whose memory is wiped and he is deposited into an eerie and dangerous maze. He must enlist the help of the other “Runners” if they hope to survive. Haven’t read the book yet, so sorry. But the trailer looks good! You don’t want to miss out on this one!

Release Date: 9/19/14

9. Mockingjay Part One: starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth

Don’t panic, I would never forget about the Hunger Games trilogy. They have wowed audiences with the first two adaptations and I look forward to this film. However, the slowest of all three books in my opinion I am curious to see how they will spice things up. Up and coming actress Jennifer Lawrence has earned her ticket to fame with these movies, but will this third movie ruin her career due to a slow plot. Let’s hope not! I have faith that she will amaze as always.

Release Date: 11/21/14

10. Interstellar: starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway

This film is rumored to be the most anticipated film of the year so naturally I saved the best for last. On Earth the climate change has reached an all time high and now crops are dying and the atmosphere is becoming dangerous. Motivated by the possibility that Earth may become inhabitable; a team of scientists and explorers, among them Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, set out into space to find a hospitable area. They discover a wormhole and now…we wait for the movie release! The trailer sells the film very well. It is emotional, exciting, and original.

Release Date: 11/7/14



Fury- starring Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, and Shia LaBeouf

A “the odds are against us” movie set in 1945 during WWII. A group of five Allies soldiers and their battle-hardened sergeant, Wardaddy, (Pitt) attempt to make a strike on Nazi Germany…alone. The story of a sergeant, five soldiers with an amateur among them (Logan Lerman) will attempt to take down the Nazis when they are grossly outnumbered. They struggle to survive and the will to protect each other will fuel these men’s fury. I look forward to seeing Logan Lerman in a more sophisticated role, and Brad Pitt never fails to please.

Release Date: 10/17/14





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