Brief synopsis for Lucy because that’s how long I could take the film seriously. The title character, Lucy is living in Taiwan and instead of studying like her mother told her to, she is getting caught up in the prettiest blue drugs I have ever laid eyes on. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start off with the tedious beginning of the film.

Okay, the idea of the movie…awesome. The trailer? Spectacular; it drew in potential viewers similar to how flies swarm on honey. Then the flies were repelled with the vinegar that is the final product which left me feeling sour. I don’t even know where to begin, and clearly neither did the director because the droning conversation between Lucy and her “boyfriend” (Richard) was so irrelevant. He was trying to get her to deliver a briefcase containing “nothing of interest” and the banter went on for 5-6 endless minutes. You want something done right? You’ve got to do it yourself, Richard. Then there would be no film. Thank you movie gods for sparing us and the returning the 90 or so minutes back into our life bank.

Sadly, Lucy decides to deliver the briefcase only to be taken captive by Taiwan gangsters and cut open and in her implanted a glorious sac of blue drugs I was telling you about. Then she and a few others are released to deliver the drugs to designated locations around the world. The only problem is…Lucy has been beaten and the sac ripped while in her stomach. Now the contents are leaking and the drugs have taken effect. Her ability to access a greater percentage of her brain is steadily increasing. Now the question is: how will this change her, and what will happen when she reaches 100%? Too bad the trailer gave us too much insight into the film and there isn’t much more to expect than we’ve already seen in those two minute previews.


Now to the meat and potatoes; let me first say that Scarlett Johansson’s acting was pitiful. I even took into account that half the film she was emotionless due to the capacity her brain was reaching, but even before that she was very wooden. An actress better suited for the role would be Jennifer Lawrence. Her deliveries are on point and adaptable, which is what was crucial to playing the role of Lucy, and Scarlett just did not deliver. But seriously, Kristen Stewart could have produced a more emotional performance than this.

Not only was her acting dry and dull, but she displayed overly savage behavior. For example, (this was in the trailer so I’m not calling spoiler) she shot a cab driver for no reason other than the fact that he couldn’t speak English. *OKAY NOW SPOILER* Also, she killed a hospitable patient in the OR because she could see that his cancer had spread beyond curing. He would have died anyway, but it seemed too unapologetic for this film.

*SPOILERS IMMINENT* To keep the unemotional ball rolling, Lucy has one last phone call with her mother before her emotions are suppressed under her newfound knowledge. It was a promising start with her recounting events of her childhood, one such though was how soft her cat felt when she couldn’t possibly recall if she didn’t have 30% brain capacity because she was only two years old at the time. But like, the first scene with her boyfriend, except more heartfelt, it dragged on a bit too long, lessening the quality. Scarlett’s behavior was a bit choppy until then, but for the remainder of the movie, she was consistent in shooting/killing people in cold blood whether they were involved in her fate, or not.

Morgan Freeman was as always a pleasure to view, and he salvaged this film as best her could with his angelic voice. For once, he wasn’t the cleverest man in the room. I’d say this change was refreshing, but it was anything but. Sorry Scartlett. Morgan played a scientist who knows everything there is to know about the brain. His name I can’t recall because I don’t really care that much about this movie or its characters. Throughout the movie he is holding a lecture about the brain and its associated qualities with its levels of capacity. This keeps us up to speed about Lucy’s abilities as her accessed brain percentage climbs.

I won’t spoil for you the things in between 10% and 100%, but a lot of it is shown in the trailer. *SPOILER RIGHT HERE* The one thing I will say is she enlists the help of a detective to help her collect the rest of the drugs because she is afraid her brain cannot adapt to its growth and she may die. She believes the constant intake of the drugs will keep her alive and from self-destruction. *MAJOR SPOILER* But it doesn’t work and thus we end up with some shitty ending. So sad too bad. *OKAY GRAND-DADDY SPOILER* She reaches 100% and she starts going back in time and then she starts to go black from head to toe. I hated this effect, then she starts stretching out black venomous appendages from her body, similar to Venom from Spiderman 3, which is probably why I hated it so much. Lastly, her cells start to converge until she becomes one cell. And BOOM. She disappears. Where? Well she is one cell, so she is too small to see. Some people claim she is matter; which is everywhere. Then the detective inspector who was helping her receives a text message saying “I am everywhere.” Well fuck you too, Lucy directors. She is one damn cell. So how did she send that text message. Riddle me that. While I rant about them, spare yourself and don’t see the movie. It was nothing, but empty promises for me.

Rating: 5.4

Recommend: NO

See Again: NOPE


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