Throwback Thursday: Knights of the Round Table Style

Here’s another throwback from one of my stories I wrote in high school. It’s pretty much the most cliché kid in king Arthur’s court story, but here it goes. This was before my writing style matured so BE NICE.

You Will Never Believe How I Lost My Glasses

“Don’t be a such a wuss!” said Melissa tauntingly.

“Are you sure it’s safe?” I said skeptically as I eyed the contraption.

“Of course!” Melissa groaned.

“Oh alright! But remember one hour only. That should be enough to write the report.”

I stepped into the empty archway and shut my eyes hoping to make it to my destination in one piece. An ominous white light blinded me and I was thrown against the walls of the time machine. The machine roared and rumbled and then it seems to choke and I was thrown out of it. I landed on the flat of my back, and then my head shot back against the ground with a THUD. My vision went blurry and I felt like a top. Just spinning and spinning. I sat up and grabbed my head attempting to steady myself. The dizziness finally subsided, but my vision was still fuzzy. But why…oh goodness! My glasses! I searched the ground and patted everything within reach. I crawled around on my knees for a while looking quite helpless. The unforgiving sun continued to beat down on my neck. I sat back on my knees ; just then a tall figure blocked the sun. I felt like laying down in his shadow and soaking in the coolness of the brief shade.

“Are these yours?” he asked, his voice was gruff and throaty. He squatted down and handed me my glasses. I pushed them on all the way up to my nose and glanced around. The land was very up and down with a few corn fields here and there, and a castle. My goodness was it a sight to see! I felt the man staring at me, I turned to him and he expressed a look of confusion.

“My, what an interesting tunic you’re wearing,” he said. He was referring to my graphic t-shirt and jeans. “Are you from one of the outlying villages?”

“What? No. I mean um, yes.”

He turned his head slightly and narrowed his eyes; wondering if I was telling the truth. I smiled uneasily, but then he smiled back. “Forgive me! I have no manners at all it seems! My name is Lancelot. Welcome to Camelot!” he beamed.

His brown eyes shimmered and his chesnut hair swept back as he spoke. My eyes widened. Did the time machine really work? Or did I just hit my head a bit too hard in the archway? Get ahold of yourself. Remember the assignment.

Lancelot bent his neck to get a better look at me. “You alright my lady? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“No, no I’m fine,” I said, shaking a bit.

I drew my notebook from my pocket and began  studying Lancelot’s appearance. I wrote vigorously about his armor; it was bulky, but quite shiny. Obviously, it was well kept. He had silver gauntlets from wrist to elbow, and chain mail over his chest that clanked when he moved. His cape draped down to his feet and was rich red in color with a yellow lion on the back. It was just like the legends! He carried a sword as well; it was belted onto his waist. After a few minutes I looked up. Lancelot touched his chest and looked up and through bushy eyebrows. He was probably wondering what the hell I was doing. I half smiled trying to look normal as I tucked my notebook back in my pocket.

“Come, my lady. You must meet the king!” said Lancelot as he took my hand and pulled me to my feet. We began walking toward the castle, but Lancelot stopped in his tracks and turned to me. “Your name, my lady? I still need to hear it.”

“Oh, it’s Emily.”

“What a beautiful name,” he said, taking my hand in his own once more. I felt myself blushing, and turned away. We continued up the path, and made a double door entrance into a grand hall. 20 or so people were already gathered there. But it was the majestic throne at the head of the hall that caught my attention; even more so who occupied it. King Arthur. His knights all stood in two rows on either side of the throne.

“Sir Lancelot, you have requested an audience with me?” bellowed Arthur.

“Yes, sire. It concerns this woman, Emily, she said she was from an outlying village. However, that does not prove to be true as we have discovered her transportation to our great citadel,” said Lancelot.

Everyone in the hall directed their attention to the time machine in the corner. Melissa was standing in the doorway, waving innocently. My face reddened with embarrassment and I clapped a hand to my face. I thanked Lancelot for his help in bringing my back, and I waved goodbye to everyone. With a blink of an eye we were back in 2011.

“Let’s go back next week! I wanna get to know that Lancelot fellow!” screeched Melissa.


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