Brief Hiatus

Hi Everyone,

Little bit behind on movie/book reviews and updates. I blame the craziness of the return to college, and the fact that the internet was down at school for 6 days…YES YOU HEARD ME CORRECTLY. SIX DAYS. And guess what else? IT STILL ISN’T FIXED. Anyway, I came home for the weekend that’s how I’m able to finally get some stuff done. But, now I’m going on a little vacation. YAY MORE JUBILATION. So I’m holding out on reviews a little longer. But I haven’t been completely idle the past week. I’ve been working on a short story, but I’ve hit a bit of a riff. Hopefully, it’s done by next week.

So books I’ve read recently that I highly recommend:

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. It’s becoming a movie so I felt it was necessary. It was fantastic. Refer to my post about the most anticipated movies of 2014 for more information.

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. Beautifully written, clever, quirky, and easy to relate to. This was a quick read for me. It’s hard to put down. A coming of age story about a high school boy who dates girls only named Katherine, and he has been dumped 19 times. He goes on a road trip with his best friend in hopes of mending his broken heart. The journey they take is something unexpected, but in fact, just what they needed.

Okay so that’s all for now, because I have to finish packing. I now understand why celebrities get sick of going from hotel to hotel for their work. You get somewhere and then you have to immediately pick up and leave, but at least I’m going on vacation to enjoy myself. So there’s that. BYE


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