Ready Player One

So it’s been 3 days since Bookcon and the newsfeed for the app still hasn’t died down. Way to go avid readers! Read on! Anyway…I’ve wasted no time and have already dived into my haul. Which includes 21 free books. Yes I’m proud. So my current read is called Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Now I obtained said masterpiece at the Con via prescription on how I was feeling that day at Bookcon. They had a booth…okay. Free book. I wasn’t gonna pass that up. But the prescription gave me this sci fi/video game/post apocalyptic book. I don’t go for this type of stuff. I’m more mystery and classic fantasy like LOTR if you catch my drift. Never in a million years would I have bought this book myself. But like I book. Take book, ask questions later. And the question I’m asking is this: “WHERE HAS THIS GENRE BEEN ALL MY LIFE?”  So I’m about halfway through and in love. I’m gonna keep chugging along and should be down with it by this weekend. But I highly recommend it. This book truly is original and I’m impressed with the authors vivid descriptions and elaborate character personalities. Great read so far!


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  1. Spielberg has picked up rights to direct it. I can’t wait, he is definitely goingtomake yhe Oasis amazing. The book has quickly become my favorite book. Enjoy the rest of Ready Player One it only gets better.

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  2. Agreed! Really love your post. I’m a huge RPO fan. Do NOT miss the audio, ready by Wil Wheaton. It’s 100% delightful. (Also love your blog title. I was BEA but left before BookCon. Sad to have missed it.)

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