Dieting Habits I Really Need to Enforce

Okay…so dieting is really hard. I mean really hard. Like I broke my spoon trying to eat my ice cream hard. Trying to convince myself that bread, pasta, or ice cream is for bulk is BS. I’m just weak and bread is yummy. Well no more. Time to knuckle down and lose that last 15 pounds. Here are the things that I struggle with…the first step to progress is admitting the problem.

Sugar: I always try to give up any kind of sugar cold turkey, but it never works. What’s the rule of thumb? 21 days without sugar or breads and pastas and then your body no longer wants it. That is something like voodoo in my mind because I feel like my body always needs bread. I mean who doesn’t love a slice of Italian bread with a little olive oil and garlic? Or those accursed Bertucci’s rolls….I mean come on. Is there cocaine in those things because they are friggin addictive. I’m successful for like 2 days without sugar then my chocolate radar kicks into overdrive and I cave.

2. Portion control: Period the end. Especially with red meat. A serving size of red meat is like the size of a wallet. How does a 12 oz ribeye sized wallet sound? How can I troubleshoot? Let’s try the 8 oz glass of water before the meal. Eat a salad that will take up space in my stomach prior to the dinner (NO BREAD…just veggies). Then eating slowly. SAVOR IT. ITS SUPPOSED TO TASTE GOOD.

3. Water: Forever eating more food rather than drinking more water. I gotta watch that. Simple but effective.

4. Meal Timing: I feel like I eat larger meals spaced out more during the day. My metabolism has got to be in hibernation. So to counteract I need to eat smaller meals more frequently during the day. Like 4-6 small meals about 3-4 hours apart.

Now what did we learn?

1. Cling to the willpower of no sugar for the 21 days (it will be over soon) maybe 1 little hershey kiss once a week won’t sabotage everything. COLD TURKEY IS HARD

2. NO BREAD *soft crying*

3. Limit the red meat (like once a week or once every two weeks)

4. Drink more water. You’re hungry 1 hour after a meal…drink more water (90% of the time when you’re hungry you’re just thirsty)

5. Drink the 8 oz of water right when you wake up and right before a meal

6. Eat smaller meals more frequently

BONUS tips:

7. Veggies with every small meal

8. Less fruit more veggies (fruits have lots of natural sugars…limit to 2 servings per day)

9. If you must eat larger meals do it in the morning when your metabolism is going strong

10. NO late night snacking. Try to stop eating after seven. Late night food can disturb your sleep cycle, and is often stored as fat because your body is powering down for sleep.

Sources: I am a senior Athletic Training Student in college. All those textbooks and paying attention in class pays off. Now I just need to take my own advice.

What are your dieting tips?


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