10 Healthy Snacks For Your Arsenal

Okay guys…it’s national doughnut day and I’m feeling a little weak. A strawberry frosted doughnut with sprinkles is haunting my dreams. I’m guessing other people are feeling the pinch too. If you didn’t know it was doughnut day I’m so sorry or bringing it up. But here are some healthy snack combinations to counteract those nasty cravings.

1. Apples with peanut butter: peanut butter in moderation is your best friend. Filling, and a good source of healthy fats.
Apples are high in fiber and can keep you fuller longer.

2. Hummus with basically anything! : celery, carrots, pita, or my personal favorite brown rice crackers! My favorite hummus is joseph’s garlic and chive. Another source of healthy fats from the chick peas, hummus is delicious and guilt free! They come in awesome flavors like spinach artichoke, garlic, sweet pepper, and even buffalo.

3. Greek yogurt with some almonds or pretzels: If you are craving something salty I’d go with the pretzels. My fav yogurt is light and fit greek strawberry and banana. But siggi’s has less sugar for those who are super conscious of that.

4. Trail mix: Skip the ones with M and M’s and go for dried fruits, raw nuts and seeds, and raisins if you need something sweet. Go Raw Trek Mix from Trader Joe’s is an excellent option.

5. Salsa and Tortilla Chips: Measure out the serving size of chips beforehand then put the bag away. This will prevent overeating. Also no canned salsa, or cheese. Go for the fresh stuff they sell next to veggies in the grocery store. No added salt and preservatives. If it can spoil, its good for you. Load it up on the chips. Its veggies. You can have guacamole once in a while but remember avocados have a lot of fat in them, granted it’s healthy fat.

Options 6-10 involve a little prep but let me tell you these snacks are healthy and delicious!

6. No bake granola balls: These are good for the body and the soul, and are also easy to make. The sweetness comes purely from honey and semisweet chocolate chips if you decide to add them. When I make mine I omit the dried fruit. Here’s the recipe http://redefinedmom.com/kid-approved-no-bake-energy-bites-recipe-great-alternative-granola-bars/#_a5y_p=3749615

7. Fruit and yogurt in a waffle cone: This is a great alternative to ice cream or froyo. Especially if the thing you crave is the cone. Another option is to take greek yogurt put it in an icing tube and squeeze out little dots to freeze. Voila! Yogurt dip n dots!

8. Frozen Grapes: OH MY GOODNESS. These are delicious. They are cold and sherbert like and guess what? IT’S STILL FRUIT. I’d say about 15 of these little guys is the perfect thing for dessert or a hot summer day. Fun fact grapes can help slow of prevent cancer development, as well as lower you blood pressure and risk for heart disease.

9. Blueberries covered in Greek yogurt and frozen: Antioxidants and protein and dairy all rolled into one. Also another way to curb your sweet tooth!

10. Ice pops: Yes honest to god, they are so good. No I’m just kidding. But take some coconut water and some fresh fruit and pour it into an ice pop holder and voila. This one is actually really good!

Thanks for reading! What are your favorite healthy snacks?


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