10 Rules of Driving with Someone

Take heed because if you aren’t the uptight driver. You are the annoying passenger. Sometimes I’m both.

  1. If I don’t know where I’m going or a navigation system is not set you have now become map quest. Don’t get us lost.
  2. If we stop for fast food. You feed me fries and in exchange I get us there safely.
  3. If my phone dings. Read me the text and answer for me accordingly. DO NOT LOOK AT MY PICTURES OR READ ANYTHING ELSE. IM VULNERABLE AS THE DRIVER DON’T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME.

4. You can play with your seat, the air conditioning, windows, whatever you want. I want the journey to be as comfortable  as possible.

5. The one thing you do not touch is the radio. Driver picks the music, and shotgun shuts their cakehole. That’s the rule. If you don’t like it there may be a rest stop somewhere where I can drop you off. 

6. Notice how I said we can eat in the car. But guess what? If you spill something that rest stop drop off is no longer an option. You better tuck and roll because I’m kicking you out while the vehicle is in motion.

7. If someone shouts Chinese Fire Drill! You had better bet your behind you will be participating.

8. Sing with me. This is even more fun and I may consider having you as a passenger again.

9. No I don’t need to stop to ask for directions. You are the copilot, and you have this cool device called a cell phone that often has internet so therefore we are never lost. Just a little off the beaten path. Unless your phone is dead. Then we’re screwed and maybe I should pull over.

10. Never criticize my driving. Ever. Or that rest stop drop off may happen.

Hope you guys enjoyed my post. What are your rules of the road?


One thought on “10 Rules of Driving with Someone

Add yours

  1. Number 3 XD Hah good luck trying to find somebody with that much restraint not to go through your phone! Yeah food for gas money that’s a fair trade to me. Oh and I completely agree with the Supernatural reference! 🙂


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