10 Snacks We Ate as 90’s Kids

I’m feeling a little nostalgic, and now that I’m home for the summer I get to enjoy my mothers cooking again. I started thinking about all the cute snacks she made me when I was little. I was one lucky kid. So here is a list of 5 homemade snacks and 5 snacks you can buy at the store that can bring back memories or us 90’s kids.

Here come the homemade snacks!

1. Orange Smiles: Simple yet it is a labor of love for mothers to cut up their kids oranges and not make them peel it themselves. Yummy, but leaves a sticky mess more often than not for mom to clean up. As my mom would say “we sacrifice for our children” but  hopefully I wasn’t that messy of a kid.

2. Ants on a Log: A little bit more work, but even cuter of a snack. I loved this so much that I didn’t even mind the ant raisins trucking across my peanut butter. My mom thought I liked raisins, but in actuality I hated them. Always traded them with friends at lunch.

3. Fluffernutters: More like a meal rather than a snack, but these were awesome. I remember when I was first introduced to fluff. For a second I thought it was mayonnaise which I hate. But it’s fluffy, melted, spreadable heaven.

4. Muddy Buddies: This was a special treat! And more often than not you were helping mom make it which was very exciting! Another messy snack but totally worth it!

5. Homemade Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers: Way better than the packaged ones and bigger too. If we were out of bread for PBJ or fluffer nutters I would just make 5 of these suckers and that served as the main part of lunch. Throw in an apple and you’ve got a bagged lunch read for action!

And here’s the packaged snacks we all cherished!

6. Dunkaroos: my mom never let me have these. Too much sugar. But even when I did try them at a friend’s house I hated them anyway. You could literally see the sugar crystals in the frosting. ICK. But to each their own.

7. Gushers: These I had to beg for. There was something about a liquid filling inside a fruit bite that made every kid crazy. So good.

8. Fruit rollups: I loved to just ball up the whole strip then eat it. These were definetly laced with cocaine. Does anyone else remember when they came with tongue tattoos. That was their best marketing technique.

9. Scooby Doo Fruit snacks: I had a Scooby doo fetish when I was younger so that probably explains why these stuck in my childhood memories and my teeth. A side note: the transparent ones tasted different then the opaque ones. Favorite color: the white ones.

10. Munch ‘ems: Sour cream and onion. Hands down. These crackers made my young self realize what addiction was. They were light, crunchy, and coated in flavorings from heaven. WHERE HAVE THESE GONE. I CAN’T FIND THEM. EVERYONE PUT UP WANTED POSTERS…DEAD OR ALIVE PEOPLE. YOU HUNT THESE DOWN.

The common theme I noticed with my snack choices were that fruit snacks played a huge role in my childhood. What were your favorite snacks as a kid?


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