10 Uses for a Bandana

1. A headband: This one is the most obvious. I usually wear one to practice or the gym and it adds a nice punk rocker or devil may care look. Pair it with some dark eyeliner and some navy blue and you are golden.


2. A tourniquet: Let’s say you were in a plane crash similar to greys anatomy and someone was suffering severe bleeding and you happened to have a bandana. Voila! Instant tourniquet! Make use of your resources! You could also used strips of clothing to get the job done.

3. A neckerchief: Not always for the rodeo. A neckerchief can cover the back of you neck and prevent sunburn probably better than sunscreen because everybody forgets to reapply. With a bandana it’s a one time deal! Perfect if you like to hike, walk on the beach, or are outdoors a lot for work or pleasure.

4. Dust Mask: Perfect for if you are sensitive to the allergens when cleaning your house, basement or garage. Also good for when you mow the lawn to prevent you from inhaling the grass shavings and pollen. Can also be used if you are cleaning with harsh smelling chemical like in the kitchen or i something just straight up smells gross.

5. A doggie accessory: Even though my dog hates bandanas he looks quite dashing in them. They always seem to give him one when he gets groomed.

6. Sling: The other medical use! Use to support the shoulder, elbow, or wrist. Also if you have someone with a leg injury with significant swelling and have something above heart level to tie it to. Do this to encourage mobilization of the swelling because localized inflammation is what causes the pain with the injury. \

7. Marking your luggage: It’s always such a pain to locate your baggage at the airport. It always seems everyone has the same suitcase as you. Tie a brightly colored bandana to your suitcase for easy spotting! Problem solved.

8. Pot Holder: Fold one up and use it the same way you woud a normal pot holder. Less money too because bandanas you can get at any craft store for a dollar.

9. Blindfold: Pin the tail on the donkey, a sleep mask, whatever. You’ve got one.

10. A frozen towel: As summer approaches everyone will be desperately trying to stay cool. Soak a bandana in water, put in a ziploc bag and freeze. Hours later you have a frozen towel you can use on the back of your neck to ease the scorching heat!

There are so many other ways to use bandanas. These are just the ones off the top of my head. Always keep one lying around! You’ll never know when you’ll need it.


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