The One That Got Away

No, not the popular song by Katy Perry, but the newly released book by Simon Wood. This book was phenomenal. I got it back in January prior to it’s release because the kindle lets you select 2 books per month to read for free prior to their publication. Let me first say that I have only finished it now because I never had the time during the school year to read it, not because it was boring. This book sucks you in, makes your skin prickle, and your hair stand on end. The characters are lovable and real, and this author kept the heart break of his readers to a minimum! Well done sir! I’ll be looking into some more of your work, because I thoroughly enjoy it, and it didn’t make me want to do this to you:

Anyway, the book is about a college grad student, Zoe, and her friend Holli who head to Vegas for a weekend during the semester to blow off some steam. In the blink of an eye things turn sour when the girls are drugged, abducted and beaten, and their captor clearly has intentions to kill. Zoe sees her opportunity for escape and regretfully has to leave Holli behind. Her abductor was never caught because Zoe’s story has fuzzy due to the drugs he administered, she can’t even describe the man who took her. All she has to show for her abduction is the roman numeral IV carved into her hip. A year later Zoe has dropped out of her phD program and is working as a mall security guard and is trying to live with the guilt of leaving Holli in the clutches of a monster. She is just starting to adjust to a new life and has finally stopped looking over her shoulder when a murder is reported, and the victim’s hip has a roman numeral carved into it. Zoe throws herself into the investigation of hopes of finally  catching Holli’s killer. Told fom Zoe’s point of view and the killer’s this book is a thrill from start to finish.

That’s all I’ll say I don’t want to spoil anything if anyone has plans to read it. I will say that just when you start to relax thinking okay here is the dull chunk of the book, the characters are thrown into a new crisis. The writing is sharp, smooth, and edgy. The characters are admirable, witty, and real. The book is a quick, original read and I highly recommend it.

Other books by Simon Wood for my reading list:

Paying the Piper

Accidents Waiting to Happen

We All Fall Down


No Show


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