Why Supernatural is One of the Most Bingeable Shows On Netflix

First of all, bingeable? Is that a word? It’s underlined in red so I guess not. Okay down to business. I was introduced to this show by one of my closest friends. “Just watch the first episode. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it.” This was the most deceiving thing she has probably every said to me. There is no such thing as not liking this show. And even then you can never just watch one episode. DARN YOU CLIFFHANGERS.

I went into this thinking oh I’ll hate it and won’t continue watching. A show about two brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester hunting down supernatural monsters? What nonsense…I didn’t have time to let my life be consumed by a show. It was the middle of the spring semester, I was at the end of a clinical rotation, and preseason for softball was in full swing. But guess who’s sorry butt was glued to the bed for 5 more episodes straight? YEP…ME. This show is addicting. I’m not kidding. Don’t watch the first episode unless you plan on watching the whole show. *Spoilers* From the moment you see Mary Winchester burning on the ceiling you will be hooked. You will also be naive. Wondering how cruel the writers could be putting the characters through so much in just the first episode. Trust me it gets worse and so much worse. I think the writers play a constant game of seeing how many times they can ruin Sam and Dean’s life. BEWARE: It’s 10 seasons long and still running. But I powered through 9 seasons so far in a time span of 4 months. Most people would disapprove of the laziness of binge watching Netflix. I prefer to think of it as “dedication.” But in all honesty, there is no such thing as a moderately dedicated Supernatural fan. We are those fans that hear a reference to our show, or a song from an episode and we just…

Like seriously…our fandom rules tumblr. We have gifs for everything. Don’t test us. But back to why its bingeable:


2. Gripping plot lines: lots of different monsters. They all need to be killed specific ways. This show will seriously test your memory.

3. Funny: This show is full of witty writing, good acting, and sarcasm. This show parodies other shows and movies in one episode (Changing Channels). And not only that the show literally makes fun of itself. Example: Fanfiction and The French Mistake) need I say more? Also, the blooper reels are even funnier than the show. The cast is still 5 years old at heart.

4. Biblical References: This show makes a ton of them. Angels, Cain, demons, etc. Sometimes they are accurate sometimes a little stretched, rewritten, and fluffed up. And as a christian, the content always gets me curious and I want to go read the true scripture from the Bible. 5. Mimics the badass life: These brothers live life on the edge. They are constantly on road trips in a ’67 Chevy Impala, wearing leather, and get to be the heroes. 6. Sad…sad…sad: This show will literally have you drowning in tears. So many family problems between the boys and their surrogate families. No relationships because their “jobs” or life on the road destroys it. And death…lots and lots of death and injury and WAH. Find your tequila because you are gonna need it.

7. Relatable: Not the hunting monsters part unless I was kept out of the family business on that one. But how relatable the characters are. Do you make bad choices sometimes, but you are lovable, kind, sweet, and somewhat soft spoken like Sam? Are you protective, aggressive, and full of pride like Dean?  Personally, I think everyone relates with Castiel. He is awkward, lovable, and never understands your references. I’d say Cas is me in guy form…he’s the baby face in the trench coat.


8. Lastly…its happy sometimes! Supernatural chick flick moments are my favorite. Brotherly love…there is nothing better!

Tip: The first 9 seasons are currently on Netflix!


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  1. I love how your version is ‘happy’ is Dean selling his soul for Sam’s resurrection and their subsequent codependent brotherly clasping. #Same #It’sASupernaturalThing


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