The Perks and Problems of the Tea Drinker

Perk: So many more different flavors than coffee. Less calories. No sugary lattes with cream or foam.

Problem: When the office says they are going for a coffee and doughnuts run, your heart sinks. What about tea? If I bring that up as a substitute is that rude? Tea and biscuits will always take precedent over coffee and doughnuts.

Perk: It’s impossible to screw up making tea. The only thing that can happen is its too strong, in which case you add more water to troubleshoot. Very easy. Forever listening to everyone bitch about how their coffee order got screwed up while you silently chuckle to yourself.

Problem: Because there are so many kinds, you often want the one that your cupboard is out of…damnit. The coffee drinkers are just like “hehe I only take my coffee one way.” But if they run out of any milk, sugar, creamer, or whatever other blasphemy they put into the accursed drink they would twitch too. Or if they ran out of coffee they would destroy the place.

Perk: Green teas can speed up you metabolism and can aid in weight loss! WOO HOO

Problem: Common problem of the coffee and tea drinkers: have to pee every 10 minutes. I’m not kidding.

Perk: There is a tea cure for every possible ailment. Feeling a little bloated? Drink peppermint tea. Sore throat? Green tea  with honey will solve that. Also in the picture below are all the options. They also missed that chamomile can be good for insomnia and anxiety! Voila! Paleolithic medicine at your finger tips.

How to Choose the Right Tea for Every Condition

Problem: If I miss optimal tea time which is around 2 p.m. I get a little cranky. I’m on a schedule people. Don’t ask why. It just is a nice afternoon snack of tea and biscuits at this hour. And before you ask I am part English, no I did not grow up with tea time. I started it on my own in college and it was often when I was doing homework.

Perk: It’s delicious! And can come in caffeine or decaf flavors just like coffee. Have you ever seen someone sadly drink a cup of tea? No? It’s because it’s impossible! It’s the superior drink!


4 thoughts on “The Perks and Problems of the Tea Drinker

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  1. Plus you can use healthy little add-ons like cardamon seeds, honey etc. Chai tea, green tea and I’d say cinnamon are awesome! Plus I feel that choosing the right tea can help relax and calm you down, while I feel coffee makes stressed people worse. It just make your mind race, and more anxious!


  2. did you know that you could better drink hot drinks like tea in summer? Your body doesn’t have to change its temperature if you drink something that has a similar temperature so tea is always the best solution 🙂


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