10 Reasons Why I Think I was Born in the Wrong Era

1. I sometimes cannot figure out technology for the life of me. Like just 2 weeks ago I couldn’t figure out how to get a train ticket from a machine. I’m really a hopeless case.

2. I love to write letters. I write my parents when I’m at college, and some of my friends. I write back and forth just for fun because it’s more exciting then just texting each other. We still text, but letter writing is in our arsenal too! I love checking my mail and seeing if I got anything from relatives, magazines, or stupid spam offers. A letter will always be nore exciting them an email.

3. I love classic rock, hard rock, and rock n roll music more than any other genre. I would rather listen to Elvis, ACDC, Lynard Skynard, ZZ Top, Queen, and the Beatles than the trash that is currently on the radio. Here’s two good ones!

See you later alligator by Bill Haley and the Comets  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0bidd0Uhvk

Goodbye Stranger by Supertramp   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsV-rQ23bus

4. I love penny candy stores. Yeah, I try to eat healthy but all the old fashioned candies that my mom introduced me to I find that I love them more than the new candies on the market. Personal favorites are the Sky Bar, Teaberry gum, Banana splits, Mint Juleps, squirrel nut zippers, mary janes, and Clark bars.

5. I also love antique stores. I would rather browse through there than look at the latest technology on the market. There is something fascinating about all the old things you can find in a store and the stories behind them.

6. Star Trek the original series with Shatner and Nimoy is pure gold. Yes the effects kinda suck but what can you expect from a show made in the 60’s. I still love it. It’s a guilty pleasure. When it comes on Saturday nights on Metv and I come across it, you can bet your butt I’m gluing myself to the tv to watch the rest of the episode. I also indulge in a little Gunsmoke or Bonanza from time to time.

7. Charlie Chaplin films…say no more. They are hysterical. My old history teacher from high school got me into them. They are a guilty pleasure as well. But he was such an icon!

8. Sunday best, There is such a thing still, at least that’s how I believe it. I always try to look as proper as possible when heading to the chapel. You wear your cross, you smile, you pay attention, all distractions are put aside and you can worship the Lord.

9. My first job was on an organic farm as a field hand…and I LOVED IT. I learned how to grow countless fruits and veggies. From then on I always stop at farmers markets around my school, or hometown. I can appreciate the soul farmers put into their crops; it’s their life. There is nothing better than fresh fruits and veggies grown in the absence of pesticides.

10. I used to love hearing old stories from my grandparents. I still love hearing them from my parents or other people. I love it when my parents share in interest in movies, tv or music from their time.

Now I’m totally convinced I belonged in the 50’s to 90’s time period.


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