Hydration Station

Hydration is a a crucial part of dieting and overall body health. Without ample water we start to feel sore, achey, hungry, cranky, groggy, lethargic, nauseous, dizzy, or a combination of symptoms. The combination bit is when you should start to worry. Here are some fun facts and good ways to stay hydrated through the summer heat waves.

1. The eight 8 oz glasses rule really does work. Unless you are exercising, then you need more.

2. Try and steer clear of gatorade unless you are exercising for more than 90 minutes and are sweating profusely. The extra sugar and calories are not necessary.

3. If you find yourself with the summer cold or flu, gatorade watered down is good for the flu when you are too nauseous to eat your calories. And with the flu comes dehydration which makes it worse so stay hydrated.

4. While exercising try to have a little water break in the shade every 15 or so minutes. Don’t chug, just sip. Chugging is how nauseous sets in, along with cramps, decreased performance, etc.

5. Try detox waters. They are great for curbing your appetite, and have a nice taste. Usually you can have two glasses before changing your ingredients. I usually go with cucumbers, strawberries, lemon, and lime in mine.

6. Don’t just drink when you are thirsty. Steadily drink throughout the day. I try and shoot for finishing a bottle every couple hours. Thats about 8 oz per hour. And this is on a day I’m not exercising. On an active day I add about two water bottles to the day.

7. Don’t forget about your pets! They need water too! It’s hot and they are wearing a fur coat! If your pets are on any kind of antibiotics it makes them crazy thirsty so make sure they always have water available to them.

8. Hungry and you just ate? Try a glass of water. Most of the time when you think you are hungry, you are just thirsty. Try a glass before and after meals too.

9. Eating water rich foods like cucumbers, watermelon, and salad can help aid in keeping you hydrated as well!

10. If you are outside for long periods of time you can eat salty foods like pretzels along with drinking your water. Most people think that this just makes dehydration worse, and it will if you eat the salty food and don’t drink water with it. But together the salt helps your body retain the water as your kidneys have to filter it before expelling the urine. If you find you are over-hydrated and your pee is completely clear you may have low salt content which can mimic dehydration symptoms but you can tell it apart by your urine color. Dark yellow=dehydration. Clear=hyper hydration or hyponatremia (salt deficiency)

11. Throw some chia seeds in your water or gatorade bottle. The seeds expand and absorb water, helping your body retain fluid in hot conditions. They are also a great source of fiber, protein, and omega 3’s.

12. You should be well hydrated at least 30 minutes prior to the start of exercise. You should hydrate during your sport or workout. Lastly, rehydration is critical as well. Continuee to drink at least a few hours post exercise to replace the fluids lost in sweat. For every pound lost, about 16-24 oz of water should be drunk.

Hope you guys found my tips helpful!


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