Weird Things My Dog Does

I’m sure everyone’s dogs do things like this. So without further ado here is the weird, the funny, the gross, and the cute stuff he does on a daily basis.

  1. Farts and then looks at his own butt wondering where the noise came from. Yes Max it was you. Don’t go accusing anybody else.
  2. Stares into my soul. Like what do you want? 10 minutes later…okay now this is just creepy.
  3. Stares through me, behind me, or looks in the corners of rooms when no one is there. Okay now this is oober creepy. Does our house have ghosts? Oh my god, he’s doing it right now. Tell Casper I said hi, Max.
  4. Licks everything. Um excuse me sir? There is water in your bowl. No we don’t need our floor mopped…our dog does that for us.
  5. Goes to the brink of doing something bad then looks at us and waits for us to scold him. Dog really has a discipline complex.
  6. Licks peoples toes. First of all you’re gross. Second of all, why?
  7. Likes spinach. Every now and then I’ll give him a leaf from my salad. But he won’t eat it without a little balsamic dressing. Picky little butthead.
  8. If I sneeze or cough he looks like I have insulted his greatest ancestors. But it’s totally fine if he sneezes in my face. In fact he does that dorky panting smile. He’s often quite pleased with himself.
  9. Puppy head tilts. So damn cute. It melts my heart how much excitement, confusion, and innocence goes into that swift head tilt and lip curl. But in reality the poor dog is just trying to understand me better.

In reality I love my dog despite all the weird stuff he does and most of the time I think his quirkiness is cute!


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