Book Review Roundup

So recently I’ve been trying to tie up some loose ends. I’ve been reading several books at once and here are my brief reviews of each:

Ready Player One: This book was phenomenal. I didn’t think I was going to like it at all because I’m not a huge scifi fan, but boy was I wrong. This book is imaginative, fun, exciting, and surprisingly relatable. It hits home for the introvert audience who seek adventure through video games, reading, and anything online. This book is also being made into a movie and Steven Spielberg got the rights! There is hope for this book to movie adaptation yet!

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: This book was sad. And not the kind of sniffle sad, this was more like there’s a twig in my eye and tears are pouring out sad. It was so interesting to see the author write from an innocent child’s point of view about a concentration camp. Reading it as an adult allows for so many more takeaways then reading it as a young kid. I believe that these books should be read when kids reach around 15 or 16 because they understand the symbolism better and can pick up what the author is putting down. This book is a classic and I’m so glad I read it.

The Cellar: This book was one of the quickest reads I’ve done in a while. I finished it in less than two days. It’s about a 16 year old girl, Summer, who gets abducted by a normal seeming man, and finds herself in a refurbished cellar with 3 other girls. They have each been given the name of a flower; pure and innocent. Their captor, Clover, treats them well, feeds them, gives them books, movies, and in return asks that they keep the place tidy and behave to his standards. If not, he kills them. This book was so fast paced and it keeps you on your toes. Told from the POV of Summer, her boyfriend Lewis, and Clover this book gives you insight into why he’s doing what he’s doing, how Summer is surviving, and how her boyfriend and family are coping with her being missing. I highly recommend this book!


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