Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Review

So I’ve taken the Hogwarts Express to Harry Potter Land and I couldn’t be happier. At first, I was skeptical, but anyone could see that because I’m more than 10 years late hopping on the bandwagon. However, once I got past the first 50 pages which, in my opinion, were a bit dull, the book was magical, original, and very imaginative. Also, having seen the movies prior to reading any of the books it was easy to envision the characters. I loved spotting the differences between the books and the movies and reading all the bits that weren’t in the films. It gave me more insight into who the characters really are.

So onto the favorites! In contrast to popular opinion my favorite character is Severus Snape, even with such a minor role in the first book. He is a bit relatable to me in a way; clever, surly, quiet, keeps to himself. Of the trio, I have to say Hermione, not because she’s the only girl, but because of her scholarly behavior, her timidness, and fine attention for rules. That’s me in a nut shell. I’m not ridiculously brave like Harry or the partner in crime like Ron. I tag along and am hitting the books like Hermione.

My favorite part of the book was the logic riddle set in the tasks behind the trapdoor. I loved reading it over and over and trying to solve it. I pictured the vials filled with liquid side by side and was actually able to pick out the harmless vials.

I’ll be starting the second book immediately and yes…I’m hooked.


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