Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Review

Let me just say..this is my favorite book of the series so far. It’s also my favorite movie. More of my favorite characters were introduced and I just love everyone and everything about this book (except the Dursley’s). From Hogsmeade visits, and flying with Buckbeak, to Professor Lupin’s DADA lessons, and finally meeting Sirius Black I never lost interest once. Even the dementors were pretty interesting even if they were just running around sucking the life out of people.

I digress. On to the favorites. I love Professor Lupin’s demeanor. He is calming, a good mentor, and an excellent professor. He even helps Neville boost his confidence which is saying something. Going along with him I liked the idea that even in the magical world people could be different and outcasts which he coped with really well. Pinballing off of the that I really liked how Harry’s extended family and friends were introduced. We also get more insight about Snape’s backstory and it shed some light on why he hates Lupin, Harry, James, and Sirius. Speaking of Sirius, I loved how open he was to letting Harry come and live with him even though he hadn’t seen him for over 12 years. He just broke out of prison and he was ready to reassume his role as his godfather immediately. SIRIUS YOU ROCK!

Best moments 

1. First off blowing up your aunt? YES…FOUR FOR YOU HARRY..YOU GO HARRY

2. Getting to eat chocolate every time a dementor attacks

3. Lupin getting rid of Peeves using magic

4. McGonagall asking her class whose death Professor Trewlawney predicted this year (SO MUCH SASS)

5. The Marauders Map calling Snape an ugly git and to keep his abnormally large nose out of other people’s business

6. The Christmas feast for twelve people…awkwarddd

7. When Hermione freaked out during Lupin’s final exam because her boggart was her failing all her exams

8. When Hermione punched Malfoy

9. When Sirius became the best godfather ever (gave Ron a new owl, gave Harry a new broomstick, and offered to have him live with him)

10. When Harry told his uncle Vernon that his godfather is an ex-con on the run and likes to check in to make sure Harry’s “happy”

Awards of the movie:

MVP: Lupin (best DADA professor yet and he taught Harry how to fight dementors AND he’s such a nice, laid back guy. YAY LUPIN)

Most Likely to poke their abnormally large nose in other people’s business: Snape (seriously just leave Lupin alone)

Biggest Drama Queen: Malfoy (quick milking the arm injury you faker)

Most stressed out: Hermione (how many classes were you taking this term?)

Most likely to end up on a magazine cover: Sirius (poor guy was framed)

Onto the Goblet of Fire! 🙂


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