A Day in my Life

So today I slept in late as I didn’t have work, but of course it slipped my mind where I was supposed to be at 9:50 a.m. on a beautiful day. I was supposed to be up and getting ready for a day at the beach with two friends. Instead of setting an alarm to be punctual like a normal person I was awoken by my dog pouncing on me. He then attempted to chew his bone on my pillow (he thinks we share)…then proceeded to drop it on my nose. I rolled over and shouted “wanna go see mom?” to get him out of my face. Naturally he did, so he wiggled his butt all excited and scurried out the door to my parents room to go pounce on them. I realized my phone had four messages from my friends wondering if I was awake. I threw together a beach bag and headed out.

We stopped at Bruegger’s and Dunkin Donuts. Now armed with a peanut butter bagel and an iced green tea we set out for the beach. We got there and tanned and read for a couple hours and even attempted to go in the water. We saw two guys pull a horseshoe crab out of the surf and decided that was enough for one day. We threw a football around and because it was slippery, I meant to throw it to Kaitlyn and I hit Veronica in the head and the fun ended there. We tanned for a bit longer until we got wind of a pool we could go to. So we decided to pack up and go somewhere where we could see the bottom of the water and wouldn’t get eaten by sharks because you know they are SO common in Long Island sound. (sarcasm) Anywho, before we left, Veronica managed to spill the rest of her now warm ice coffee all over her legs.

We headed up the path and stopped by a little girl’s lemonade stand. You can’t walk by an innocent child’s lemonade stand without buying a glass (even if it was a dollar per glass). It may have been powder lemonade but it tasted good just the same and that’s all that matters. It wasn’t even a dinky glass of lemonade…it was a full solo cup. SCORE.  And this little girl and her parents took the time to hand paint a sign for her stand. Can you say dedication? Then Veronica’s hand slipped and she spilled the rest of her lemonade on her legs adding to the coffee. We were just reek of clumsiness.

Moving on…when we finally got to the pool, we swam for a bit and then we packed up once again to go to whole foods to get some gelato because they apparently have a gelato stand in the store. Who knew? So I threw my shorts on the chair I was sitting on and began to pack up my backpack and throw on my shirt. When I went to retrieve my shorts they apparently landed in the puddle of water that occupied my chair. Just my luck. So Kaitlyn told me to hold my shorts out the window as we drove to dry them off. I’m a bit ashamed of doing it, but it worked. People wondered what sort of red neck flag I was trying to wave out the window of a car. I’m not sorry. I would rather not walk around looking like I peed myself. I mean your bathing suit top already soaks through your t-shirt so you look like your lactating so I wasn’t going to add to that.

When we got to whole foods I got my cup of gelato and managed to drop it within three minutes. Let me tell you…it was the most defeating sound I have ever heard in my life. Like all my hopes and dreams were crushed in that one splat. The woman behind the counter got me another one free of charge so it didn’t matter.

I got home and then we tried to dress up the poor dog in an american flag bandana for the fourth of July. After many unsuccessful attempts we got a nice picture.

So that’s a typical summer day when I’m off from work. In just 10 or so hours I managed to drop my gelato, hang my water drenched shorts out the window of a moving car in an attempt to dry them, and take basic white girl pictures of my dog in an american flag bandana.


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