The Problems of Being a Writer

I am currently trying to write a book and I am experiencing some very mixed emotions along the way. Some happy, some sad/frustrated, and others of just pure inconsolable depression because I think my ideas are rubbish. But I know they are just fine, I’m just being over-critical. Because four days ago I thought my writing was terrible, and this morning I thought I could give J.K. Rowling a run for her money. So here’s a glimpse into the sufferings and triumphs of writing my first book.

1. Getting started always seems to be like this…


2. Then you get hit with some serious writer’s block 

3. The loss of confidence. Things are looking bleak. This sucks, this sucks, everything sucks…I may just throw out the whole thing. It’s never going to get published, and it will sit all alone in my documents collecting cyber dust. I QUIT


4. Then you all of a sudden are on a roll

5. When someone interrupts your writing…

6. While editing you come across something so magnificent, you wonder if it was really you who wrote it 


7. Research. It can turn into hours of internet fun, and a questionable search history.

8. Lollygagging on facebook, twitter, and random streams of youtube videos you find. Doesn’t matter. Any form of social media drives you to distraction.

9. Guilt sets in and you start to feel haunted by your mediocre word count of the day.

Siriusly, guys.

10. You can never find your notes. They are in different notebooks, computer documents, and you even have some scribbled on a napkin from Outback Steakhouse, but you can never organize your thoughts as well as you’d like.

11. Late night writing until 3 a.m. The eye strain is real! The next day you are completely disheveled. People think you are hungover, but if you tried to explain how the plot of your book was at stake they would think you’re still drunk. So you just nod and agree and avoid everyone.

.12. When you run out of coffee or tea…

13. That “I’m only 10,00 words away from finishing it” feeling. 


15. Here’s to hoping the editors and publishing companies don’t look like this when they read my manuscript! 


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