How to keep your brain sharp over the summer

Okay, so I find that my brain goes a bit fuzzy over the long summer when all I do is frolick with my friends, work, play sports, and go to the gym. Anyone else? I thought so. So here’s how I help beat it.

1. Read everyday for at least half an hour. Wake up a bit early and do it. Do it on your lunch break. Listen to an audiobook in the car. Or read before bedtime (real book only at night; kindles can keep you awake).

2. Write at least every other day. If you blog then it’s easy. If you’re a writer..shame on you. You should be writing everyday, even if it sucks, at least get into the habit of doing it. If you don’t write, then try doing creative story prompts just to keep your imagination sharp and your writing skills pristine. Also, hand write sometimes because you can’t let your penmanship go to the dogs either.

3. Try some math games on your phone or computer. Yes when you back to school no matter if your a high school student, a college kid, or still in grade school, the accursed math class is still waiting for you.

4. College kids: Try reviewing some material for your major! Make some flashcards, read a bit from your textbooks. Or just take some notes from your brain. Try to get what’s rattling around up there on paper. You may find that it will be helpful when it comes to exam time.

5. Exercise. This is the one that’s overlooked. Yes, it’s hot in the summer. But a healthy body can facilitate a healthy mind and clear thinking. Just do it. Go for that run. I promise you’ll survive the horrors of cardio even though sometimes I think I won’t. You’ll feel better after!

6. Limit alcohol intake. Especially if you are underage. It kills your brain cells, and believe me you will need every single one of them when you go back to school. Yes, once in a while if you are of age if fine, because everyone needs to let loose from time to time, but just keep it in check.

7. Enjoy your summer! Because this is the time where you shouldn’t stress about school related things, but just try to implement these tips as it will help you in the long run in the transition back to school! 🙂


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