Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Review

Dreadfully busy still, and it’s only going to get worse as I return to school in a mere two weeks. *sobbing internally* But what better way to escape the school induced anxiety that looms over you than by reading Harry Potter! Book was great, but I have several complaints I have to get out of the way.

  1. VERY…LONG…BOOK: It dragged a bit at times, but still it came out on top as my favorite book so far. (yes even beating out Prisoner of Azkaban)
  2. MOVIE TOO SHORT: Extremely frustrating that the longest book gets the shortest movie.
  3. UMBRIDGE AND SNAPE NEED TO LEAVE: Portrayed even more ruthlessly in the book than in the movie (if that’s possible)

Upsides to the movie:

  1. Harry beating Voldemort in his mind was portrayed far better. I particularly liked when he used the happy memories of Ron, Hermione, his parents, and Sirius to fight him off, very touching.

Upsides to the book:

  1. Lots of detail that sheds light on things the movie did not. Ex: The Black house and Sirius’s relatives, Neville’s backstory, why Cho and Harry didn’t work out, etc.
  2. Spared the agony of Harry’s reaction to Sirius’s death. I mean there was detail, but we didn’t have to see Daniel Radcliffe’s portrayal of it. (that was heart breaking, and disturbing).

Favorite Scenes:

  1. Though uncomfortable as it was, the scene where Harry and on visit St. Mungo’s to see Mr. Weasley. Funny because we got to see Gilderoy Lockhart again, and he is as pompous as ever (signing autographs) even after being Obliviated he still has the characteristic narcissism hanging about him. Uncomfortable because Harry and Ron see Neville with his parents. Even more uncomfortable is Harry overhearing via extendable ears from the Order that Voldemort is trying to possess him.
  2. McGonagall basically rewarding Harry for picking a fight with Umbridge. “Have a biscuit, Potter.” Sound familiar? Best plot twist ever!
  3. Fred and George telling Peeves to give Umbridge hell, and Peeves obliging!
  4. Another uncomfortable scene was Mrs. Weasley trying to fight the boggart in Grimmauld Place and failing as it turns into dead Weasley children, and dead Harry. Lupin, being the comforting man he is, disposes of it, and comforts Molly. I believe this drives home just how protective Mrs. Weasley is of her children and that even the adults in the world have fears.
  5. The patronus lesson in the D.A. meeting. I loved finally getting to know what other peoples patronuses were, because I’ve always wondered what mine would be. (I think it would be a wolf or a horse

AWARDS: Most hated character ever invented: Umbridge The anatagonizer: Snape (he’s like the taunting older brother except even more of a schmuck) MVP: McGonagall (because she sassed Umbridge and put up with so much of her crap)


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