Why You Should Watch the Walking Dead


There’s plenty of reasons why you should watch this show. I’m not going to beg you. OH PLEASE, PLEASE. You don’t know what you’re missing! As someone who was very skeptical and wasn’t going to watch it for anyone, and somehow transformed into a crazy fan overnight, I suggest you read the rest of this post, pop some corn, and start pounding episodes immediately.

  1. Come for the zombies, stay for the people drama. I was skeptical about getting into this show. I hate mindless blood and gore, and I hate zombies. It’s like hating Twilight. You don’t even give it a chance. You just hate it. BUT, take it from me: continue to hate Twilight, but give The Walking Dead a chance. It’s awesome, addictive, and so bingeable. It’s like Grey’s Anatomy. You may not even care about the basis of the show. You just come for the people drama. If you like eavesdropping and thrive in drama filled environments, this is the show to watch.

2. The hot guys. Okay, they are stunning. Rick, Shane, even Glenn has certainly grown into himself. Don’t even get me started on Daryl Dixon. But not only are they attractive, they are heroes, smart, caring, and normal human beings. The apocalypse sure brings out the best in people, and the worst in a few people. Well, they have to have conflicts somehow, right?


3.  It’s super informative. Before this show, I would not have known how to survive an apocalypse. Let’s be honest. Everyone thinks they do, but we don’t. We all like to pride ourselves on being smart, rough and tough, and resourceful. The truth is, we would probably shit a brick before even considering a strategy and game plan. So remember friends, if there is a zombie outbreak, DO NOT, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT head towards the cities. Quickly gather supplies, and try to stay remote. Highly populated areas are a hot spot for chaos. So head for the woods or an abandoned house. Make sure you establish food, water, and shelter before you do anything else.

4. Blood and gore. Who doesn’t love a little gore? It’s addicting. The kind of stuff that keeps your eyes glued to the screen. Waiting, watching. Squelch! Dead walker. The detail is amazing. But don’t worry! If you are squeamish, it’s not that bad. Buck up! Remember, come for the zombies, stay for the drama.




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