Why 30 Seconds to Mars was the best band of my teenage years


Everyone is all caught up in the Chainsmokers, but I’m getting back into 30STM music. Maybe its the fact that Suicide Squad rocked my world and I was reminded of how awesome Jared Leto is. I mean have you seen Requiem for a Dream or Mr. Nobody? Go watch them. He rocks. Anyway, anyone who was born in the mid nineties knows that we all loved bands like 30STM, Blink 182, The Killers, Linkin Park, and Apocalyptica. We all went through that phase of thick dark eyeliner, all black clothing, and converse shoes coupled with raging hormones. Remember when skinny jeans and eyeliner on boys was in? Me too. Jared Leto made it hot, and he still rocks it. Bottom line, I started listening to 30STM music again, and I was reminded of how awesome it is. I used to hate music where there was lots of yelling, I would immediately change the radio station. Now I bounce in my seat when I hear it come on. The Kill came on the stereo at work today and I had to tell myself that I was in a public place and needed to hold it together. A stupid toothy grin still spread across my face.

This music is so deep, and I never realized it until now, my angsty teenage self just wanted to hear some screaming music and idolize the angel face that is Jared Leto. Like here is a line from The Kill:

“What if I fell to the floor?
Couldn’t take all this anymore”

That’s deep man…like deep dish pizza deep. Imply what you want from that line.

It’s hard not to like this band. I mean what’s not to like? They are cute, funny, make good music, love their fans, and guess what else?  They care deeply about the environment, particularly Jared Leto. His song, A Beautiul Lie, was about how humans hurt the environment, and how we can minimize our impact. He is also a vegan, and has been for 20 years! It’s not for everyone, but good for you Jared! I’ll support you from over here while I eat filet mignon. Sorry!

Anyway, I never got to go to a concert, but I wasn’t that into concerts when I was younger anyway. Well that, and my parents totally wouldn’t let me go in fear of me getting squashed in a mosh pit, so I didn’t bother asking. But I’m now twenty-two years old and I still haven’t been to a single concert. Just not my scene. I can honestly say that I want this band to go back on tour so that they could be my first concert. Either them or ACDC. I have high expectations.

Without further ado, here are my ten favorite songs by 30STM that I have had on repeat for at least a week.

  1. The Kill
  2. Closer to the Edge 
  3. Kings and Queens
  4. Up In the Air  
  5. This is War
  6. Hurricane 
  7. A Beautiful Lie
  8. From Yesterday 
  9. Bad Romance (yeah its a cover, but it’s godly)
  10. City of Angels 

Comment below with your favorite 30STM song, or other bands you recommend for those days you are feeling the black eyeliner and skinny jeans look.


3 thoughts on “Why 30 Seconds to Mars was the best band of my teenage years

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  1. They are going on tour with Muse this summer and/or you can attend their summer camp, Camp Mars, if you want to get up close & personal. They have a show each night. Playing 2 festivals too. Just go to their website. Oh, in the States, not sure if you live in the States 😊 Love Vox Populi, got into them couple years ago after watching their doc Artifact.


  2. I’m so glad you’ve found mars again and hope you have the opportunity to see them on tour. New album release will be this year and followed by a tour. Keep in touch with all the news on social networks.


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