Goals for 2018

So last year I had ideas for my goals for 2017, but they were all in my head. There was nothing concrete, nothing written down to hold me accountable. There was no dopamine released to keep me going. Knowing myself better as a person now I realized that I needed to break down my big... Continue Reading →


What It’s Like Your First Year Out of College

If you're lucky, the summer after is just like the rest of them. You work your seasonal job, you party with your friends, hit up the beach, and go to concerts. Then the air starts to get a little crisper, and instead of bar hopping its bonfires, apple picking, and pumpkin spice lattes. It's fall.... Continue Reading →

Hydration Station

Hydration is a a crucial part of dieting and overall body health. Without ample water we start to feel sore, achey, hungry, cranky, groggy, lethargic, nauseous, dizzy, or a combination of symptoms. The combination bit is when you should start to worry. Here are some fun facts and good ways to stay hydrated through the... Continue Reading →

Do’s And Don’ts of Working Out

Today I ate a small but power punched breakfast of cheerios and bananas then dragged my sorry butt to the gym for a workout with my friend. We squeezed as much work as we could into an hour, and we pushed through the soreness and conquered the chest and shoulders. Instead of feeling drained and... Continue Reading →

10 Healthy Snacks For Your Arsenal

Okay guys...it's national doughnut day and I'm feeling a little weak. A strawberry frosted doughnut with sprinkles is haunting my dreams. I'm guessing other people are feeling the pinch too. If you didn't know it was doughnut day I'm so sorry or bringing it up. But here are some healthy snack combinations to counteract those... Continue Reading →

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