How to Get Your Kids Crazy for Kale

Kale is full of vitamins, minerals, and all that good stuff. It's not shaped like a cookie, it doesn't look or smell like a cookie. So how do you get your kids to eat it? First off, do your kids even need it? The answer is yes! Kale is full of iron and vitamin K... Continue Reading →


Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs Recipe

Harry Potter chocolate frogs recipe! Cheaper than Honeydukes and just as delicious! Craving something sweet? Love Harry Potter and looking to recreate some food from the books and films? You've come to the right place! Well anyone can just melt chocolate and put in a mold right? Well because it is similar to Harry Potter... Continue Reading →

10 Snacks We Ate as 90’s Kids

I'm feeling a little nostalgic, and now that I'm home for the summer I get to enjoy my mothers cooking again. I started thinking about all the cute snacks she made me when I was little. I was one lucky kid. So here is a list of 5 homemade snacks and 5 snacks you can... Continue Reading →

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