Lent Week 5

This has been one of the slowest weeks of my life. I've never had more time to myself. But after the busy and hectic schedule of last week I think I needed it. I didn't really do any meal prep this week. What I did do was sleep alot and I watched tons of Netflix which... Continue Reading →


Lent Week 4

I'M BACK AND I'M TAN. This past week was one of the longest of my life. Lots of sick/injured athletes for me to take care of with a healthy dose of Florida sun, severe sleep deprivation, and some fun thrown in. I know this post was supposed to be up yesterday, but I didn't even... Continue Reading →

Lent Week 3

This recap of week three of lent is coming a little early because I am leaving for a week long trip for work tomorrow! I will probably be radio silent until March 10th, then I will return to you! Without further ado here are my jumbled, frustrated thoughts from the last week. Stress has so... Continue Reading →

It’s the Little Things

I wanted to take the time to appreciate the little things in life. I had a rough weekend on my diet and I needed to do a reality check. Everyone has probably seen the "I'm here for a good time not a long time" memes recently. And that just stuck with me. It also made... Continue Reading →

Lent Week 2

Monday I worked a half day at work today (thank you President's Day) then went roaming around my town. I had a plan to go to Trader Joe's, but the closest one was 20 miles away and I was not up for that. So I went to Walmart and tortured myself a bit. I had... Continue Reading →

Lent Week 1

Fat Tuesday I woke up around 6:30 on my own accord and wrote a blog post. I felt very productive despite having a cold. Productive enough to blog, but not go to the gym. I woke up not knowing it was Fat Tuesday, but once I figured it out I made a grocery list and... Continue Reading →

What I’m Giving Up for Lent 2018

So Lent definitely snuck up on me this year because it's already Shrove Tuesday and I'm scrambling to make pancakes and at least attempt to eat meatless tomorrow. There's word going around that most churches are willing to forgive eating meat tomorrow because Ash Wednesday fell on Valentine's Day and who wouldn't want to enjoy... Continue Reading →

Goals for 2018

So last year I had ideas for my goals for 2017, but they were all in my head. There was nothing concrete, nothing written down to hold me accountable. There was no dopamine released to keep me going. Knowing myself better as a person now I realized that I needed to break down my big... Continue Reading →

I’m a Published Author: Round Two 

Calling all softball players! Okay so...I did a thing! I published my second book, Seven Innings! This one was about my experiences as a softball player throughout my whole life. Softball took up a huge chunk of my time: 17 years to be exact. Once my college career was finished I didn't cope very well... Continue Reading →

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