A Day in my Life

So today I slept in late as I didn't have work, but of course it slipped my mind where I was supposed to be at 9:50 a.m. on a beautiful day. I was supposed to be up and getting ready for a day at the beach with two friends. Instead of setting an alarm to... Continue Reading →


10 Uses for a Bandana

1. A headband: This one is the most obvious. I usually wear one to practice or the gym and it adds a nice punk rocker or devil may care look. Pair it with some dark eyeliner and some navy blue and you are golden. 2. A tourniquet: Let's say you were in a plane crash... Continue Reading →

10 Rules of Driving with Someone

Take heed because if you aren't the uptight driver. You are the annoying passenger. Sometimes I'm both. If I don’t know where I’m going or a navigation system is not set you have now become map quest. Don’t get us lost. If we stop for fast food. You feed me fries and in exchange I... Continue Reading →

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