Why You Should Watch the Walking Dead


There’s plenty of reasons why you should watch this show. I’m not going to beg you. OH PLEASE, PLEASE. You don’t know what you’re missing! As someone who was very skeptical and wasn’t going to watch it for anyone, and somehow transformed into a crazy fan overnight, I suggest you read the rest of this post, pop some corn, and start pounding episodes immediately.

  1. Come for the zombies, stay for the people drama. I was skeptical about getting into this show. I hate mindless blood and gore, and I hate zombies. It’s like hating Twilight. You don’t even give it a chance. You just hate it. BUT, take it from me: continue to hate Twilight, but give The Walking Dead a chance. It’s awesome, addictive, and so bingeable. It’s like Grey’s Anatomy. You may not even care about the basis of the show. You just come for the people drama. If you like eavesdropping and thrive in drama filled environments, this is the show to watch.

2. The hot guys. Okay, they are stunning. Rick, Shane, even Glenn has certainly grown into himself. Don’t even get me started on Daryl Dixon. But not only are they attractive, they are heroes, smart, caring, and normal human beings. The apocalypse sure brings out the best in people, and the worst in a few people. Well, they have to have conflicts somehow, right?


3.  It’s super informative. Before this show, I would not have known how to survive an apocalypse. Let’s be honest. Everyone thinks they do, but we don’t. We all like to pride ourselves on being smart, rough and tough, and resourceful. The truth is, we would probably shit a brick before even considering a strategy and game plan. So remember friends, if there is a zombie outbreak, DO NOT, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT head towards the cities. Quickly gather supplies, and try to stay remote. Highly populated areas are a hot spot for chaos. So head for the woods or an abandoned house. Make sure you establish food, water, and shelter before you do anything else.

4. Blood and gore. Who doesn’t love a little gore? It’s addicting. The kind of stuff that keeps your eyes glued to the screen. Waiting, watching. Squelch! Dead walker. The detail is amazing. But don’t worry! If you are squeamish, it’s not that bad. Buck up! Remember, come for the zombies, stay for the drama.




Hannibal Cancelled After Three Seasons


Get your shock blankets ready ladies and gentleman because as of Sept at the end of season 3, Hannibal the cannibal will have left the building. That’s right Hannibal it took them two seasons to catch on to your dietary habits and then as a reward they cancel your show. Obviously I saw this coming. The last three episodes have been hardly bearable to watch. There was a complete drop off in quality compared with last season. I’m very disappointed because I loved every minute of the first two seasons and the anticipation for season 3 was killing me. Here are five things wrong with the new series…

1. Waaay too much staring longingly into the distance and implied psychosis. I mean it was fun last season and the one before trying to figure out when Will was hallucinating or not, but now its dragged out and basically takes up the entire episode. MOVE ON PLEASE

2. No plot…stop skipping from Hannibal and Bedelia to Will in the hospital to Jack and Abigail to the italian “Il Monstro” guy. ENOUGH. NONE OF US KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON. Furthermore…who is the asian chick with the muddy prisoner? Hannibal’s sister, relative, former girlfriend? I got too bored to keep up.


4. STOP WITH THE RAVEN STAG. That thing should’ve died in the season 2 finale with Abigail. End of chain.

5. Abigail. He couldn’t save you. We get it. Move on producers. How long are you going to torture poor Will by popping up in his hallucinations? He can find his way down the the rabbit hole of psychosis without your help thank you.

In conclusion, if the series doesn’t improve then I agree with cancelling it. As of right now it can hit the road and I wouldn’t shed a tear. I just want to see Richard Armitage. I can’t speak for the rest of Hannibal fandom, but I think there may be some eating of the rude if they really do follow through with the cancellation of the show.

Why Supernatural is One of the Most Bingeable Shows On Netflix

First of all, bingeable? Is that a word? It’s underlined in red so I guess not. Okay down to business. I was introduced to this show by one of my closest friends. “Just watch the first episode. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it.” This was the most deceiving thing she has probably every said to me. There is no such thing as not liking this show. And even then you can never just watch one episode. DARN YOU CLIFFHANGERS.

I went into this thinking oh I’ll hate it and won’t continue watching. A show about two brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester hunting down supernatural monsters? What nonsense…I didn’t have time to let my life be consumed by a show. It was the middle of the spring semester, I was at the end of a clinical rotation, and preseason for softball was in full swing. But guess who’s sorry butt was glued to the bed for 5 more episodes straight? YEP…ME. This show is addicting. I’m not kidding. Don’t watch the first episode unless you plan on watching the whole show. *Spoilers* From the moment you see Mary Winchester burning on the ceiling you will be hooked. You will also be naive. Wondering how cruel the writers could be putting the characters through so much in just the first episode. Trust me it gets worse and so much worse. I think the writers play a constant game of seeing how many times they can ruin Sam and Dean’s life. BEWARE: It’s 10 seasons long and still running. But I powered through 9 seasons so far in a time span of 4 months. Most people would disapprove of the laziness of binge watching Netflix. I prefer to think of it as “dedication.” But in all honesty, there is no such thing as a moderately dedicated Supernatural fan. We are those fans that hear a reference to our show, or a song from an episode and we just…

Like seriously…our fandom rules tumblr. We have gifs for everything. Don’t test us. But back to why its bingeable:


2. Gripping plot lines: lots of different monsters. They all need to be killed specific ways. This show will seriously test your memory.

3. Funny: This show is full of witty writing, good acting, and sarcasm. This show parodies other shows and movies in one episode (Changing Channels). And not only that the show literally makes fun of itself. Example: Fanfiction and The French Mistake) need I say more? Also, the blooper reels are even funnier than the show. The cast is still 5 years old at heart.

4. Biblical References: This show makes a ton of them. Angels, Cain, demons, etc. Sometimes they are accurate sometimes a little stretched, rewritten, and fluffed up. And as a christian, the content always gets me curious and I want to go read the true scripture from the Bible. 5. Mimics the badass life: These brothers live life on the edge. They are constantly on road trips in a ’67 Chevy Impala, wearing leather, and get to be the heroes. 6. Sad…sad…sad: This show will literally have you drowning in tears. So many family problems between the boys and their surrogate families. No relationships because their “jobs” or life on the road destroys it. And death…lots and lots of death and injury and WAH. Find your tequila because you are gonna need it.

7. Relatable: Not the hunting monsters part unless I was kept out of the family business on that one. But how relatable the characters are. Do you make bad choices sometimes, but you are lovable, kind, sweet, and somewhat soft spoken like Sam? Are you protective, aggressive, and full of pride like Dean?  Personally, I think everyone relates with Castiel. He is awkward, lovable, and never understands your references. I’d say Cas is me in guy form…he’s the baby face in the trench coat.


8. Lastly…its happy sometimes! Supernatural chick flick moments are my favorite. Brotherly love…there is nothing better!

Tip: The first 9 seasons are currently on Netflix!

The Fall: Movie Review



The Fall (2006) starring Lee Pace (Halt and Catch Fire, The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug) and newcomer child actress, Catinca Untaru. HOW IS THIS MOVIE NOT MORE WELL KNOWN THAN IT IS. IT’S BEEN AROUND SINCE 2006! I mean come on people, it got a 7.9 rating on IMDB, which is a mere tenth of a point below the first Hobbit movie. Trust me it’s definitely worth the watch. If you need more coaxing into watching this look no further than: it stars Lee Pace. YES. The dazzling Lee Pace, whose name sounds Asian but alas he is American! Also, since he has the dark hair and stunning looks he is often mistaken for being British. We all are familiar with that phenomenon, take a brit, dye him dark and there you have it: an amazing actor with swooning appearance.

This is one of those artsy fartsy movies as my mom would say; which I am so grateful my taste has matured because now I fully appreciate the quality and depth of these films. The Fall is set in the 1920’s hospital in Los Angeles. Our beloved Roy (Lee Pace) has suffered a horrific injury while working as a stuntman for a movie leaving him a paraplegic. Roy is battling depression and to top it all off, his girlfriend left him for the actor who Roy was performing the stunt for. Talk about a stab in the back. Everything changes when he meets Alexandria (Catinca Untaru), a little girl who has a broken her arm. They become fast friends and spend hours together. Roy tells her stories and her vivid imagination brings it to life for us. *SPOILERS AHEAD* She borrows people from her everyday life to play parts in the story, then the fine line between imagination and reality blurs together as Roy’s mental health deteriorates. I won’t spoil anything else because you need to watch this film to fully appreciate it.

I thought the film was original and clever. The colorful display of the story reminds us that this is how a child, such as Alexandria, visualizes a story. And none of the movie was CGI, this movie was filmed in 28 countries over the course of four years. The dedication shows, and it delivers. Lee Pace drew emotions out of me I forgot I had. He transfers the pain he is feeling to the audience, and you can’t help but accept it in hopes it will raise his spirits. The genuineness of the movie just adds to the pleasure of movie-watching. And the interactions between Roy and Alexandria are unscripted for the most part and she is just talking, and listening to Roy’s stories. The movie brings an extra realness because the director convinced the whole crew that Pace was a real paraplegic. Catinca would be so careful of Lee’s legs and was shocked and a bit angry when she found out he could walk. Fun fact: a makeup artist almost fainted when he walked into a room and saw Pace standing.

One more fun fact: Lee Pace AKA Thranduil from the Hobbit trilogy was noticed by Peter Jackson and this film was the deciding factor on who he wanted for the role in the Hobbit. So if Peter Jackson noticed his talent, then that is saying something. SO WATCH IT. WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR? LOOK AT THIS MAN: TALENTED AND GORGEOUS

Rating: 8.9

Watch again? ABSOLUTELY

Recommend: YES


Brief synopsis for Lucy because that’s how long I could take the film seriously. The title character, Lucy is living in Taiwan and instead of studying like her mother told her to, she is getting caught up in the prettiest blue drugs I have ever laid eyes on. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start off with the tedious beginning of the film.

Okay, the idea of the movie…awesome. The trailer? Spectacular; it drew in potential viewers similar to how flies swarm on honey. Then the flies were repelled with the vinegar that is the final product which left me feeling sour. I don’t even know where to begin, and clearly neither did the director because the droning conversation between Lucy and her “boyfriend” (Richard) was so irrelevant. He was trying to get her to deliver a briefcase containing “nothing of interest” and the banter went on for 5-6 endless minutes. You want something done right? You’ve got to do it yourself, Richard. Then there would be no film. Thank you movie gods for sparing us and the returning the 90 or so minutes back into our life bank.

Sadly, Lucy decides to deliver the briefcase only to be taken captive by Taiwan gangsters and cut open and in her implanted a glorious sac of blue drugs I was telling you about. Then she and a few others are released to deliver the drugs to designated locations around the world. The only problem is…Lucy has been beaten and the sac ripped while in her stomach. Now the contents are leaking and the drugs have taken effect. Her ability to access a greater percentage of her brain is steadily increasing. Now the question is: how will this change her, and what will happen when she reaches 100%? Too bad the trailer gave us too much insight into the film and there isn’t much more to expect than we’ve already seen in those two minute previews.


Now to the meat and potatoes; let me first say that Scarlett Johansson’s acting was pitiful. I even took into account that half the film she was emotionless due to the capacity her brain was reaching, but even before that she was very wooden. An actress better suited for the role would be Jennifer Lawrence. Her deliveries are on point and adaptable, which is what was crucial to playing the role of Lucy, and Scarlett just did not deliver. But seriously, Kristen Stewart could have produced a more emotional performance than this.

Not only was her acting dry and dull, but she displayed overly savage behavior. For example, (this was in the trailer so I’m not calling spoiler) she shot a cab driver for no reason other than the fact that he couldn’t speak English. *OKAY NOW SPOILER* Also, she killed a hospitable patient in the OR because she could see that his cancer had spread beyond curing. He would have died anyway, but it seemed too unapologetic for this film.

*SPOILERS IMMINENT* To keep the unemotional ball rolling, Lucy has one last phone call with her mother before her emotions are suppressed under her newfound knowledge. It was a promising start with her recounting events of her childhood, one such though was how soft her cat felt when she couldn’t possibly recall if she didn’t have 30% brain capacity because she was only two years old at the time. But like, the first scene with her boyfriend, except more heartfelt, it dragged on a bit too long, lessening the quality. Scarlett’s behavior was a bit choppy until then, but for the remainder of the movie, she was consistent in shooting/killing people in cold blood whether they were involved in her fate, or not.

Morgan Freeman was as always a pleasure to view, and he salvaged this film as best her could with his angelic voice. For once, he wasn’t the cleverest man in the room. I’d say this change was refreshing, but it was anything but. Sorry Scartlett. Morgan played a scientist who knows everything there is to know about the brain. His name I can’t recall because I don’t really care that much about this movie or its characters. Throughout the movie he is holding a lecture about the brain and its associated qualities with its levels of capacity. This keeps us up to speed about Lucy’s abilities as her accessed brain percentage climbs.

I won’t spoil for you the things in between 10% and 100%, but a lot of it is shown in the trailer. *SPOILER RIGHT HERE* The one thing I will say is she enlists the help of a detective to help her collect the rest of the drugs because she is afraid her brain cannot adapt to its growth and she may die. She believes the constant intake of the drugs will keep her alive and from self-destruction. *MAJOR SPOILER* But it doesn’t work and thus we end up with some shitty ending. So sad too bad. *OKAY GRAND-DADDY SPOILER* She reaches 100% and she starts going back in time and then she starts to go black from head to toe. I hated this effect, then she starts stretching out black venomous appendages from her body, similar to Venom from Spiderman 3, which is probably why I hated it so much. Lastly, her cells start to converge until she becomes one cell. And BOOM. She disappears. Where? Well she is one cell, so she is too small to see. Some people claim she is matter; which is everywhere. Then the detective inspector who was helping her receives a text message saying “I am everywhere.” Well fuck you too, Lucy directors. She is one damn cell. So how did she send that text message. Riddle me that. While I rant about them, spare yourself and don’t see the movie. It was nothing, but empty promises for me.

Rating: 5.4

Recommend: NO

See Again: NOPE

Emily’s Choice: Top Ten Anticipated Movies of Fall 2014

Here are the ten movies I personally am most looking forward to! They are in no particular order! Enjoy!

1. What If- Starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan

Finally! Daniel Radcliffe gets out of his Harry Potter shadow and into the throws of love! He is still cheek pinching adorable and now all the teenage girls get just what they wanted: another “boy likes girl, but girl is taken” story. Except this time we replace Dean Thomas with Chantry’s boy toy, Ben.

Release Date: 8/8/14

2. When the Game Stands Tall- starring Jim Caviezel


The feel good, triumphant, sport movie of the year! The story of the De-Lasalle football team losing their winning streak, and everything along with it it seems, then winning it all back! The movie has the best of both worlds: a triumphant story and the action of sports. Not to mention, cute football players like Alexander Ludwig AKA Cato from the Hunger Games, and a stunning coach played by Jim Caviezel. All based on a true story! What more could you want?

Release Date:9/22/14

3. If I Stay- starring Chloe Grace Moretz

Based on the best selling novel, 17 year old Mia has got it made! She has a loving family, a supportive boyfriend, and she is a cello prodigy with aspirations to apply to Julliard. Then the car accident wiped her slate clean. Her mother, father, and little brother were killed. Now Mia is an orphan, and not only that, she is in a coma. She has to make the choice of whether to wake up an orphan and make something of her life on her own, or to just give up now and join her family in heaven. I read the novel and am anxiously awaiting the release of this movie! Chloe Grace Moretz never fails to amaze!

Release Date: 9/22/14

4. Hector and the Search for Happiness- starring Simon Pegg and Rosamund Pike

Another book to movie I am chomping at the bit for. However I shamefully must admit I have not yet read the book. But a psychiatrist decides to leave his life behind and travel the world in search of the source of true happiness. I am excited to see Simon Pegg in a more serious role after he has just completed the goofy and crafty Cornetto Films. So maybe in this movie, Hector will  discover that happiness doesn’t come from the shop. (Please tell me you got that reference?)

Release Date: 9/19/14

5. Dark Places- starring Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult

Okay there is no easy way to break the bad news on this film synopsis so here we go: young Libby Day’s family is brutally murdered by she claims her brother Ben. But did she see him do it? She was only seven, but the cops took her testimony anyway and Ben Day was incarcerated…wrongly? Maybe. The group of amateur crime solvers called the Kill Club have enlisted Libby to aid in trying to find the true killer. Lots of unanswered questions waiting for explanations. Dark Places stars Charlize as the hard-shelled and spunky Libby Day and the charming Nicholas Hoult as the quirky crime solver leader, Lyle. Read the best selling novel by Gillian Flynn also the author of Gone Girl, before it’s release!

Release Date: 9/1/14

6. Gone Girl-Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck

Amy Dunne is kidnapped on the morning of her and her husband, Nick’s, anniversary and something just isn’t right. Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne leaves me skeptical, but as for Amy Dunne…well who doesn’t love a female powerhouse character? Rosamund Pike as Amy Dunne could not have been a better casting choice. *HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD* *CAUTION* Her cunning behaviors and sharp looks compliment her acting, we all know what she was capable of in Die Another Day. Is she able to pull off a back-stab 20 times larger than the one she did to James Bond? *Spoiler alert* Yes she is. Find out just how far Amy and her sociopath tendencies will go to exact revenge on her husband. Sorry for spoilers! Read the book people! Trailers tell you  nothing!

Release Date: 10/3/14 (On October 3rd he asked me what day it was…ITS OCTOBER THIRD…SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS)

7. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies-starring Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, and Ian McKellen, oh and about 11 other dwarfs I can’t remember

YAY Martin Freeman is back as the lovable, furry-footed in the third installment of the Hobbit! One book gets three movies and I could not be happier. The movies drag on a bit and the trailer for this one leaves my skeptical about how exciting it will be, but I’m a LOTR fan till the bitter end! There seems to be quite a bit of negative aura surrounding it like it may be a let down. I PRAY THAT IT IS NOT. Don’t let me down Peter Jackson! Bonus points for Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug and the necromancer! No movie can tank if Benedict AND Martin are in it. There’s just no way! Besides we can all rest easy knowing that the Silmarillion is always looming in the air waiting to become a movie.

Release Date: 12/17/14

8. The Maze Runner- starring Dylan O’Brien


No need to say the film adaptation of the best selling book has finally come because every movie so far has been a book first. Dylan O’Brien is prepared to stun audiences as Thomas, a boy whose memory is wiped and he is deposited into an eerie and dangerous maze. He must enlist the help of the other “Runners” if they hope to survive. Haven’t read the book yet, so sorry. But the trailer looks good! You don’t want to miss out on this one!

Release Date: 9/19/14

9. Mockingjay Part One: starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth

Don’t panic, I would never forget about the Hunger Games trilogy. They have wowed audiences with the first two adaptations and I look forward to this film. However, the slowest of all three books in my opinion I am curious to see how they will spice things up. Up and coming actress Jennifer Lawrence has earned her ticket to fame with these movies, but will this third movie ruin her career due to a slow plot. Let’s hope not! I have faith that she will amaze as always.

Release Date: 11/21/14

10. Interstellar: starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway

This film is rumored to be the most anticipated film of the year so naturally I saved the best for last. On Earth the climate change has reached an all time high and now crops are dying and the atmosphere is becoming dangerous. Motivated by the possibility that Earth may become inhabitable; a team of scientists and explorers, among them Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, set out into space to find a hospitable area. They discover a wormhole and now…we wait for the movie release! The trailer sells the film very well. It is emotional, exciting, and original.

Release Date: 11/7/14



Fury- starring Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, and Shia LaBeouf

A “the odds are against us” movie set in 1945 during WWII. A group of five Allies soldiers and their battle-hardened sergeant, Wardaddy, (Pitt) attempt to make a strike on Nazi Germany…alone. The story of a sergeant, five soldiers with an amateur among them (Logan Lerman) will attempt to take down the Nazis when they are grossly outnumbered. They struggle to survive and the will to protect each other will fuel these men’s fury. I look forward to seeing Logan Lerman in a more sophisticated role, and Brad Pitt never fails to please.

Release Date: 10/17/14




1st Movie Review: TMNT

Hi people (or person…just me?) because my stats are still zero,

Last night I went to go see TMNT with a couple of friends who are also movie critics. I would first like to point out how proud I am that I know which color is associated with each ninja turtle. In case you were curious it’s: Rafael is red, Michelangelo is orange, Leonardo is blue, and Donatello is purple (with glasses). The perks of having an older brother who grew up with these TV gems.Truthfully, I was not expecting much because the turtles looked corny and they had this sort of “stupid-funny” aura about them that did not seem particularly enticing for my age group. But nonetheless the film came out better than I had originally anticipated.

As a group of foodies ourselves; armed with gummy bears/worms, and chocolate we decided to count how many times their coveted favorite food: pizza, appeared during the film. Four, ladies and gentleman. The number is a low depressing four. Although they recovered from this with a most glorified pizza moment when Splinter (the rat father figure to the turtles) is punishing the turtles for going above ground and he is torturing them for details of their escapades with a devilishly handsome pizza smothered in all types of cheese, “cheddar, asiago, provolone, and some cheese that nobody has ever heard of.” Okay moving on.

I’m so relieved that Megan Fox is straying away from cheap roles as the drop-dead-gorgeous damsel in distress. I mean the directors of Transformers might as well have asked her to sign away full exploitation of her body. But in TMNT she was as actual character with a motive. April (Megan Fox) works as a news reporter, but is desperate for her big break in crime journalism. Her ticket to get there is the TMNT. Her news partner is Vern, who seriously needs to take a hint that his advances are unwelcome. Michelangelo has a better chance with her than he does. Mikey, the source of comedic relief, was hitting on her hard-core throughout the movie, often claiming they are “teenagers that can still have adult conversations.” Suave little turtle. But seriously, Vern, back off, you are old enough to be her Dad.

Another minor character worth mentioning is April’s skeptical boss played by Whoopi Goldberg. She briefly stole the show with her clever, smooth, sarcastic delivery. She shoots down April’s claims that a vigilante has arisen to fight the Foot Clan (a band of criminals in NYC). Her performance is comparable to that of Morgan Freeman in Lucy by means of salvaging a film.

The first confrontation between April and the turtles occurs shortly after the Foot Clan hostage situation in the subway. People come flooding out of the tunnels and what does April do? She jumps right into the fire in search of a story. Look, I know how bad you need this break, but you are notorious for damsel in distress situations so why don’t you waddle your little polished backside back up those steps? No? Too late anyway, April gets snatched up and taken hostage by a Foot Clan member. Then the Clan laces the walls with explosives because what Michael Bay movie would be complete without some bad-ass explosions? Thankfully, the TMNT save her ass and everyone escapes. YAY. Then NYPD shows up late to the party, as usual, and when they arrive on time they twiddle their thumbs until some vigilante (the TMNT) drives away the Foot Clan. (Sorry NYPD) You guys always seem to get a bad rep in movies. And may I point out that some little Asian chick Foot Clan member (you know her when you see her) gets thrown up against the tile wall, cracking it and thirty seconds later she is awake and alert as if nothing happened. Either I missed something or they failed to mention that this chick is bionic because I’m pretty sure she should be dead, her back broken, or at least have a concussion and therefore would be unconscious a bit longer. Indulge me, director.

So, the whole point of this movie is Shredder is back (some guy with a metal suit with far too many knives attached), and he is using his puppet, Saks, (some famous businessman everybody loves) to get the turtles’ blood to make an antidote to some toxin he wants to release that could wipe out everyone in NYC. The price of the antidote he wants to use to save everyone and appear a hero is enough to make him “stupid rich.” You get a glimpse of the outside of his house in the movie, and let me tell you, this guy’s estate has its’ own zip code and he is set for life. Naturally, April gets tied up in this because her dad used to work with Saks creating the TMNT in a lab, and *spoiler alert* Saks isn’t as nice is her seems. On a side note he killed April’s dad.

Speed synopsis: foot clan capture all the turtles except Rafael. Splinter is killed in the struggle. The turtles are drained of most of their blood before April and Raf save them with adrenaline and they break free. More comedic relief. They defeat Shredder whose hand is seen moving after a fall off a skyscraper…BOO. The turtles revive Splinter and everyone lives happily ever after.

Last thing, there is one scene where the turtles make a beat out of their weapons and start rapping in the elevator on their way up to fight Shredder. It was so random and it lightened the mood. This scene should have been the whole trailer, and that’s it. BOOM: instant box office hit.

Overall, I enjoyed the film. I thought it had a decent plot, nothing special, but its’ goofiness kept it alive and held the audiences’ attention. In addition, Megan Fox escaping her “damsel in distress role with no purpose” was refreshing. Also, the way they left the ending with Shredder still alive leaves room for a sequel which I do not eagerly await, but would definetly see when released.

Rating: 5.9

Recommend: Maybe

See Again: No